Saturday, February 25, 2023

Americans are strange people almost like Aliens.

I am getting better.  My hair is still a little balding but since it's turned snow white I can just brush the Ice Bear and stick his fur on my scalp. I found a home hair dresser and hair is cut, think Jamie Lee Curtis without the great figure.

I'm cooking my food, washing the clothes, feeding the cat and not going out the front door.

The memory is much better, concentration is getting sharper and I've graduated from the TV guide to reading novels even the boring autobiographies.  I make myself finish those but always have a thriller on the walker for when I start nodding off.  Some people you think would make a great book of their lives are the most boring ever.  And I know boring, a friend of my father's was the most boring person I've ever met. Honestly the man could Bore for Australia and win a gold medal if anyone was still awake.

I now have cataracts (hi River) but they are slow moving and I not only cannot afford to have them done at a private clinic, I'm chicken when it comes to not being asleep while sharp objects are roaming around my eyeball. My mission is to out read the mongrels.

I'm finding Christmas presents that were never sent and presents that I bought for myself.  Antikva finally received her 2018 gift box. Nephew never threw anything out, he just pushed all boxes against walls, down the hallway, under beds and all so the OT's couldn't say I had no room to move. In 2021 I had rails put in the bathroom, everywhere but not one of the OT mob thought it through, when hands are wet they slide on metal rails.

I am also making up my medication packs, on more thing nephew doesn't have to worry about. It gives him more time to stalk Chemist warehouses for Teena pants on special.  The difference can be up to $12 a box. I've also drummed it into him to grab the boxes, great for books for the Op Shop. As for pills, well I would love to slap a few doctors because I don't think they ever read about the side affects.  The diabetic tablets have about 15 or so and I have 7 of the side affects.  I was given Melatonin to help me sleep, that was five months ago. The big letters on the side of the box say, SHORT TERM USE ONLY.  I ditched those as they didn't help with sleep at all.  The cholesterol should be taken at night on any empty stomach, again big letters on the box. I don't have an empty stomach at night, I have one in the morning before breakfast so doesn't it seem better then.

Being unable to sleep well, I am watching world news and I say again, Americans are strange people. What a vile place to live if you are a woman. Sometimes I wander into their Twitter feeds and it is a sick lot of men leaving comments about what they want to do to women. That's what I mean about Aliens, they came here from a planet ruled benevolently by women who wouldn't let them smash, bash and trash their own planet.  Have a good look at them next time, they all look the same and speak the same and by the size, eat the same gigantic meals.