Friday, January 31, 2014

The Magic lingers

I had a really good laugh out of this.
What do you mean, "What is it?"
Anyone can see it's the Hogwarts pony,
Harry Klopper.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let them eat cake but not this kind

What else to do on  a stinking hot afternoon than wander through the web looking at shoes and jewells and cakes, lots of cakes.  I had a real laugh out loud at that wedding cake up top. Considering my marriage, this cake should have been centre stage all the way. Come to think of it, it would make perfect divorce celebration eating. 

But this cake, a giant life- size unicorn birthday cake. Life-size with a huge cut out chunk of technicolour innards. Here, child, come and get your slice of unicorn cake, which part would you like me to cut into with this huge knife? I can't understand some people. I would have been traumatized for life, in fact, I probably should have put up a warning for Miss O'Dyne with her love of horses. I am gobsmacked at the thought of 20 or so munchkins all waiting for the slaughter of the innocent. It would make a great script for "Castle", soccer mom cuts into the belly of the beast and out rolls a real body instead of that garish cake. How does one get cake to be that colour anyway? Great way to turn kiddies into vegetarians on the spot.

No trouble with cutting into this Cinderella Wedding cake unless you forget the slipper and end up with a gob full of glass. If I ditched the shoe and the castle, it would be the perfect cake for me, a chandelier cake. I love cake and I love chandeliers and there's no rule that says you have to be married to have a wedding cake or a chandelier. I love this cake. I want this cake.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

One thing here is not like the others

Actually the only thing here is not what you think. Dear Miss O'Dyne always thinking of me. I've  said so many times that mother wouldn't shuffle off until she can take me with her and another week of 40 degree heat should do it.
So thank you Annie O for finding me the perfect coffin, a pink ballet shoe and with satin ties, divine. And I would like the entire male corps de ballet to carry me out.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Neat stuff

 Now next hard rubbish collection I'm going to be looking for one of these. It's an old hand basin covered with colourful mosaics and filled with water for a bird bath. The taps are still there for any bird to sit on to dry and ruffle feathers. It's bonkers brilliant.

Now I've forgotten what guys do in toilets besides spilling on the floor while not putting the seat down but ladies, we think a lot.  And while thinking it helps to do something like toilet paper origami. I presume it's done off the roll but imagine a bloke walking in and being confronted with a delicate hand made rose, just sitting there. There'd be a few brain cells dying from exhaustion until he figured it out and gently removed it then put it back like he'd never been in there.

I think I emailed everyone I know with my next trick except maybe HighRiser.  I've already tried this and it works. Put drops of essential oil or if you're cheap, use the stuff from the $2 Emprorium, into the middle of the toilet roll cardboard.  Everytime the roll rolls round, the perfume wafts out. My lavender lavatory is a joy.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

22 days gone

Isn't he gorgeous, he's a Winter Wren and has nothing to do with this post but I needed a dose of cuteness, a large dose.
22 days into 2014 and I have done nothing at all.  The things to do list is still on the fridge door and probably will be there on 24th December.  The stinking weather and mother had a lot to do with the lethargy.  All I can see before me is more 2013.
She rings and the dvd viewer is fritzed. I get another at Dick Smith, same brand but things have changed in four years and now there is no on/off switch at the side. It's near the menu, push once for on, push, hold for 2 seconds for switch off. There's also a stop for just stopping the dvd and you just know she's going to use that all the time and the thing will never be charged up. That's another problem, the charger has a cord that is half the length of the previous charger so now I have (note that 'I') to buy a small extension cord so it can be plugged in and go under the bed and I won't have to worry about the charging. I've already got to take back the clock to the shop and have the man reset all the buttons since one of the carers picked it up, not by the sides but the top and pressed all the buttons together and fritzed that.  The CD/radio fritzed, but my old tape deck/radio is doing the job and sounds a lot better than the other.
I huffed and puffed in yesterday to find my sister sitting on her duff and taking me to task for my lousy breathing which, considering what I was carrying, I thought wasn't that bad. I'd been up hill and down dale at Southland looking for a viewer so had that plus two bags full of mum's stuff. I'll really have to punch her one day.
So I haven't blogged about the 53 children Paramedics rescued from cars last week.
I haven't blogged about being right about Abbott speaking like a robot. His speech was analyzed by someone with too much time on their hands and it has slowed down quite a lot from his pitbull days in Opposition. Her, I think it was a her, said he'd obviously had voice coaching and now sounded as boring as Julia.
I haven't blogged about our wonderful Navy who can't seem to navigate the ocean without blundering into someone else's territory.  Sorry won't cut it matey, not when technology can pin point an Admiral picking his nose on a cruiser's sun deck. Get with it or go back to actual navigating by the sun and stars instead of relying on a gerbil running in a wheel for your computers.
It is my opinion and I have lots, that planes, ships or cars that rely on technology are a hazard to my travelling well being. Look at the film "Independence Day", the aliens would have won if everyone had forgotten morse code so phasing out manual navigation, morse code and pilots who can fly is really a bad idea. I shudder every time I see that ad where the woman parks the car with no hands.
I'm not wanting to go right back to horse and buggy days, lordy can you imagine the horse shit but then 'work for the dole' would have a whole new department but  basic 'stuff' should never be forgotten.
That includes leaving kids and dogs in cars in the heat or at any other time. Dogs and kids are smart, push button start in cars means the little beasts could be heading for someone else's territorial waters before you can say 'Morrison is slime'.

Friday, January 17, 2014

That Sinatra song

You know the one, it's something o'clock and there's no-one in the place except you and me. 
It came to mind as I'm sitting here at 2 in the morning laughing hysterically at that cat jumper.
It must be the heat.  The cat is in the lounge just below fan height, I'm in the study with fan and shortly must try to sleep with the fan on in the bedroom. The front door is open but the smell of smoke is wafting in. I barely slept last night, put the air-con on this morning and fell asleep in the chair over breakfast. I don't know how I sleep sitting up without drifting to one side or the other and breaking my neck. 
I have been watching tv ads for 'back to school' and wondering how I survived with no water bottle, lunch pack with ice cooler, large hat and some one to drive me to school. I don't know why my generation hasn't all ended up with kidney failure when we only got to drink out of the communal fountains, before class, morning break, lunch and afternoon break. If you were at the back of the line and the bell went, bad luck, it was back to the classroom of no air-con just heat exhaustion.
The joy of a paper bag full of curling sandwiches, hot oranges or browning apples. If I missed the bus it was a hell of a walk home unless I took the short cut over the railway lines which I frequently did. See what this heat is doing, making me relive all the hideous days of my life. 
I really should print out that cat jumper and cart it around with me tomorrow, at least that is making me laugh.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I want to be rich and eat cake

 This is what I call the "Isn't it gorgeous but I couldn't be bothered" cupcake.
 No, she's not a cup cake but so cute I'd call  her Cupcake if she was mine.
 This is a divine little cupcake. The frosted perfect rose, the leaves, the organza bow. It's all too good to eat, not that I wouldn't try petal by petal, leaf by leaf.
Of course, it's expensive since I'd have to catch a plane to London to get to Harrod's to buy this sequin bling cupcake clutch bag. I really need to be rich.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Web Wandering

I wish I had found this before Christmas because he looks just like IceBear. I just love the Catmas Tree. Bear gets the same dopey smile when I open a food can. It's a wonder Mother didn't do this with the dog and cat since she lit up everything else in the house.
And I found this brilliant idea for a coat or bag rack. Just a length of wood and odd handles from the Op shop. I'm always picking up pretty knobs out of the oddment basket then putting them back because there are no matching ones. Hand towells in the bathroom, necklaces in the wardrobe, scarves on the back of the bedroom door, sunhats and brolllies at the back door. I can't tell you how much I lust after a set of those ceramic rose handles. I cannot wait until the Op shop opens again and everyone dumps all the Christmas presents they hated. I particularly want two bowls for the base of my glass totem tea lights. Looks like a trip to Cheltenham then train to Mentone and take a large bag.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Give and take, I can't help myself

If you feel at a low ebb don’t fight Mother Nature: pace yourself and get plenty of rest. Even though you may be physically fit, this is the point of the year, astrologically speaking, when you are more vulnerable and need more tender, loving care. There are gains to be made by listening to the unconscious mind, which is reaching you via dreams and intuitions.

The year has only just begun and there are many more weeks in which to fulfil the agenda you have set yourself, but by taking your time now you will discover more routes to your objectives and make better strategies. From Thursday the moon will be in Leo giving you an extra boost and some potentially very good news.

That's my star chart for next week.  The unconscious mind has been dreaming of me and I'm cleaning rooms with nothing in them. I'm taking that to mean I'm running on empty. Because the rooms I'm cleaning in real life are anything but empty. I had fingers crossed on bin day that the truck would actually be able to lift the recycle bin. I was smart, I put the bin by the gate and wheeled the 50 or so magazines and other assorted junk down to it in the wheel barrow. It was still a monster to get to the nature strip but at least I knew it wouldn't fall over in the wind. I still have another barrow load for the next collection but Murphy's Law, hernextdoor is having a clean out and brought in four wicker baskets, two just what I wanted, one a maybe, another a possible. Oh just call me magpie and be done with it.

The bottom image is Apophyllite on Stilbite from India and the top image is Apophyllite and Natrolite also from India.  I have been looking for images of a related mineral  for ages, not just any image but something that showed the colour as I looked at it. The colour of seawater just as a wave breaks, just under the curling white top. The top image was perfect as it looked like a wave hitting.
A woman, not a psychic or medium, just a person with a gift of some power once gave me great comfort and peace.  That gift I repaid with a specimen of Phosphophylite which came in a tiny domed case. I have never seen another specimen since and most gem stores have never heard of it but New Age info is that it enhances abilities or powers. The specimen I bought was so perfect in colour and formation that it looked like a frozen wave was also so powerful that the lady in question had to lock it away in a box until she because used to its force. Very fanciful, I hear you saying, well I know what she did and I know it could not have been trickery or fake so I'm glad to finally find something that's close to the form and colour of that mineral.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Groundhog Day

You have no idea how much I want these cup cakes right now.  There will be no need to post, just refer back to this time last year. Mother has cellulitis again, left leg, ankle to knee. Doc Marvin was straight in as the nurses were all the ball this time and watched as it developed. Apparently the leg is where this particular bacteria has set up home and it's not moving. I've noticed she's been having very hot flushes lately and that's unusual as she's always cold and so the infection has been ramping up and I'd say a visit from Aunt Selma was the last straw. 
She's out of credits on her phone so can't get me and I'm not going down in the stinking heat of next week. At some stage I, me, daughter, person, has to have a blood test which is a pain to get the 8 to 12 hours food eating just right or the results are crap. They're going to be anyway because I'm not sleeping properly, not eating when I should, haven't got back into routine from the December madness so the BGL is steady but on the wrong number. It's always the way, the more I try to diet the less it works. The weight is steady but on the wrong number as well. Goodness knows what the blood pressure is. The spider population is increasing with a huntsman in the curtains in the lounge. Curtains is a laugh since it and the cat went head to head through them the other night. Neither won and now I have another in the bedroom and one in the laundry.
I'm not thinking about the lump I found, I'm sure it's scar tissue, I can't handle one more thing.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I do love to be beside the seaside.

These photographs were taken by Thomas Zakowski who makes the trip to St. Joseph and South Haven in Michigan every year after a big storm to capture the frozen lighthouses. They can remain frozen for over a month depending on the weather. Mr. Zakowski took these photos this week after the storm froze the waves as they crashed down against the piers.

No wonder they look like this, Canada and parts of America are experiencing a 'polar vortex' which has been pushed further south with temperatures dropping even in Florida.  I can't even imagine temperatures dropping to -30C to -50C but that's what cities are expecting this week.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

One down

My shower is fixed. Don't you love it. What, you don't believe this is my shower? Well I tell you that in my dreams this is my shower. I'm just not quite sure if I dreamed steps on the other side otherwise it's going to be a fat lady a'leaping to get in. But the view, by the time I'd stopped relaxing and viewing, I'd be all pruned up.
While the BOH was fixing the shower I was fixing the printer. I hate paper jams especially when I think I've got all the paper out and the blinking light says I haven't. I finally found it wrapped around where the cartridges go from side to side. So lots of swearing in the study and more when I couldn't find my glasses which usually sit on top of the printer. I put on my reading glasses when I'm surfing.
Don't ask me how they got halfway across the room, my memory is blank. Probably too much time in the tub.
Handyman coming tomorrow to give me quotes on all I need doing around the house and since he's local and I've known him a while, he'll do one thing at a time until I can afford the next lot.  Since we've just had a rain squall I think it must be getting the roof garden out of the spouting and maybe the water will stop cascading over the front door. The ivy needs a good belting to get it back behind the bluestones, it knows the rules then the lemon tree is getting out of hand and growing lemons beyond my reach. I could go on and on but I'm depressed enough with this year already.
I think I'll go soak in the tub again.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Two days and I hate this year already.

That is not the crescent moon, it is the crescent Venus and it will meet with the crescent moon soon and it's supposed to start all kinds of goings on, mostly bad where I'm concerned..
I'm waiting for the Nephew to turn up and turn off the water so he can put new washers in the shower taps. Niagara falls have been flowing since I showered last night about 10.30. I did put a bucket in there to save the water for the washing machine and now I'm too exhausted to pick it up.
After the washers, the smoke alarm started to chirp, that annoying sound that says you didn't change me when daylight saving came in. Well, 9 volt batteries are expensive and the damn thing hadn't gone off in two years even when I set fire to the oven which I still haven't cleaned. I'd need a sledgehammer to get the crap off. Anyway sent message to BOH and he'll call in tonight but I don't think he realizes what's involved yet so the shower will continue to gush until the weekend. I've lost the will to live anyway.
I swear Southland was busier today then it was before Christmas. I needed a new computer mouse but it's like choosing a toothbrush, which one? Now I'll have to go back with the old one to make sure I get one that's right.  Grab a bird bell and I hope the parrots choke on it, grab a sponge for mother, grab cat food and grab taxi for the Home.  I have a new box to replace the one mother has mangled and trying to make her give it up can only be resolved by me stomping it to bits.  Her roomie comes in, hacking coughs all over us and then leaves. I could have tipped her wheelchair over since mum is on the nebulizer twice a day for the congestion in her chest at least that's what she thinks but it's fluid in the lungs from her heart not pumping properly. It hasn't affected her mouth at all. Orders, orders and more orders. Remembered to take batteries for her clock, good.
Remembered the cake, good. Now could I ask around and find out who nicked her torch last night.
That's when I packed up and called a cab. I seemed to be taking home more than I arrived with, always seems to be that way.