Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What a sewer this Parliament has become.

 Forget the Heading, look deeply into this gorgeous little garden. All of this beauty is locked into a glass bead and when used on the full screen is just mesmerising. I could watch it for ages but get frustrated when I can't turn it around to see what is hidden.

It's been a while since I could put my brain together to blog, still haven't been outside the front gates, still haven't found a pair of shoes that will fit. I did think I should weigh myself but good luck, the battery was dead.  And last week my neighbour died. She slipped on tiles or so she thought and cracked her pelvis. The Dementia which was progressingly slowly amped up with the pain and shock and she was gone in two weeks. The Palliative care unit came to the house every day and took good care of her and made sure she was never in pain and she just went to sleep and didn't wake up.

So I thought it was about time that I really got stuck into fixing my will. I was lucky and found my granddaughters on Instagram so I now have their addresses in Qld. De-cluttering season is in full swing so I sent all of my almost antique Christmas ornaments up in boxes. Next up went nearly all the wool I found in the sewing room. Miles of it, I never found a ball of wool I didn't like. I'm halfway through a black rug, the wool for a dark blue is packed and gorgeous soft antique warm white is also packed, best wool is Cleckheaton. This is mine, I have never crocheted a rug for me. There is an open bag in the lounge and anything for the Op-shop is thrown in there.

After 3 weeks of dithering I finally bought a new office chair, last one and $400 off the original price. The one I'm sitting on now was also on special but it's not comfortable anymore probably made for some skinny game playing kid living in his mother's basement. The de-cluttering of books has been successful just haven't been moved to the new home, I've turned the hall into a library. I live in a perpetual mess but I agonise over putting the books in the right class or just throw them in and get them off the floor. Sometimes trying to sleep I do dream about all of them in order but wake in the morning and have forgotten everything. I can only do it once, my shoulders hurt from putting up high and my spine sounds like bits of lego from bending to the bottom.

And when I'm hurting from books, I take on patchwork fabric because I can't find my nightdress fabric, my already cut out winter dresses and summer lounging frocks which I didn't need this summer anyway. The one thing I must make is a warm dressing gown and I know where that is. Trouble is like that pretty bead, I can't help playing with the fabric and putting them together for quilts I'll never get to make. If only my mind was a straight road and didn't go wandering off into the bush. 

All this has a purpose. Forgetting what pigs we have allowed to run our country. They don't care about us, they only care about power and money, their money which is really ours, and power. Power is the biggie. We can look down on the lower classes and thumb our noses because we are better  but it's all an illusion because you've forgotten who put you in that position. We, the people, we, the women and women have long memories and we carry grudges for a very long time. Even after all these years I could still wrap a brick round Howard's face. When candidates join the LNP, is there a form that says they must be ugly, greedy and dishonest? I only ask since most of them are.

I must go back to my bead, I've allowed myself to wander off into the bad place again.