Monday, February 14, 2022

30 Minutes really is painful so no way I'm watching 60 minutes.

 My foot is painful, backside is painful but the wound nurse and carers have been really terrific. Another 2 weeks should be fixed, please let it be fixed. 

I didn't think I would enjoy the Winter Olympics but I did. The thing called The Skeleton looked screaming, it was. It out screamed the Luge. No way I could I use either of them.  I really needed a dictionary for most of the ski stuff.

Of course, my favourite came on after the 30 minute stand up and walk. Ice dance, just fantastic and I would have to put that on my list of "never do this".

Present arrived this morning from a stranger.  Best Daffy Duck tie ever. Pure silk and made in Italy, brilliant yellow, dated 1997 which makes it almost an antique. I have never seen  one of this pattern before. Neither have I seen a choc Koala full of star sweeties. I'll have to look for this.

I think I'll put the fan on and cool off. It will go on me since Bear managed to throw up this morning, on the carpet. I can't bend over with a brush so I've left white powder, at least I won't stand on it.


Elephant's Child said...

It is really good to hear from you - and I do hope that your healing continues. Fast.

JahTeh said...

Keep looking for me after the interview this morning, sounded very looney. Wanted to know how many doctor subscribed pills am I taking but it doesn't count if just chemist. Which part of the days do I take the pills and how many painkillers.This is just to qualify me for one of those jingle bells to wear around my neck in case I fall again but if I use this brand, I don't have enough money for that brand and since it's about $600, not really a choice. I did think I'd lost my mind by the end of the conversation.

River said...

What's this about the wound nurse? Have you injured yourself again? please take care. I saw one Ice Dance routine, the French couple, in perfect harmony, then they switched to a million ads and then something else. I guess they just showed the winners. I'll have to find the others on you tube.

R.H. said...

A koala? I thought it was freddo frog.
Mind you, the lolly aisle at Coles has lots of distractions (women).

Author of: The Happy Homosexual.

JahTeh said...

Robbert,it could have been a freddo, when you eat choc as fast as I do, it's hard to go back and check.

River, I'm still trying to work out exactly how or what I did but it was 4 a.m. in the morning and the nephew broke a speed record to help me.

Ann ODyne said...

Housekeeping Trick #1 Mark spot with powder, then ignore it.
I def prefer Winter Olympics over summer one.

Robert admits authoring HappyHomo - He must have had an epoofany.

Love to River & Elephants Child too dear JT [I posted a big envelope to you today from Hamilton 3300. A tiny envelope to Antikva cost double. I said to AusPost girl "gotta fund those Cartier watches so the little Cartier kiddies don't go hungry"

when you eat choc as fast as I do, it's hard to go back and check
-tee hee

R.H. said...

Lovely to hear from you Miss Ann but don't get me wrong, writing The Happy Homosexual doesn't mean I'm a poof myself, it's a guide to making an unhappy homosexual a happy homosexual, that's all.

It's doing well, sales are booming in Prahran and St Kilda, Daylesford and Bangkok.

But I'm sorry, it's not available around where you live.

There are no homosexuals in Hamilton.

I'll send you a copy.

Ann ODyne said...

Dear RH, there certainly are h0m0sexuals in Hamilton, & if I know 2 couples personally, there must be loads more.
Darling JahTeh, apologies for hijacking your theme. I am raddled by the TV replacing endless covid waffle with endless Russia waffle. Poor bloody Ukrainians if Stan Grant is now our 'International Politics Editor'. Ernie Dingo would have been better.

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

Sorry J. Sidetracked

R.H. said...

Hello my little cabbages, lovely to see Miss J this morning, slumped in a deck chair, Byron Bay, cocktail in one hand, meat pie in the other.

Good grief!- and here comes the pavlova she ordered!

Miss J in a trance, everything passes by her, the sea, the sky...latte set on the terrace, ready for their close up. Unacceptable, they say. Irresponsible. And: Life Choices.

Truly, my sweetiepies, with choice, I wouldn't have gone hungry as a teenager. And with no address. (The nice thing about no address is you don't get bills, ha ha.)

I am fed now, too late. I am quiet, I am singular, my wit in remission.

Per: Lady Ottoline Morrell.