Saturday, November 05, 2022

Hello, I'm still here.

 I am getting better. I can stand long enough to cook instead of raiding the cat food.

But still can't be on the computer for longer than 30 minutes or I'd need a front end loader to get me out of the chair.

Just re-read my discharge papers from Caulfield Brain Trauma Centre and I know I was quite looney but there is stuff in there that isn't true. They didn't keep my Doctor up to date with any treatment and he is pissed.

He kept telling them what was wrong with me but it got in the way of them using me as a lab rat. 

My 30 mins is nearly up.  The Internet has changed in the last 6 months and I couldn't even order a pizza today without opening an account.  I'm going to check the cat food.


Elephant's Child said...

It is lovely to see a post from you and know that you are home again.
Look after yourself please, and take things very, very easy.

Frances said...

Yes to E.C. Lovely to see you back. Best wishes.

River said...

I'm so glad to see this post and VERY glad you are home and getting better. How dare they use you as a lab rat? Please eat something nicer than cat food.

Andrew said...

It is a relief to read this. Many have been concerned for your welfare and I hope you are getting any help you need.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, all I could think of was getting home to the Bear. After a week he suddenly looked at me and realized who it was. My nephew had put him on a diet but he was happy the soft touch was back in charge of the kibble tin.

Frances, the person who invents a home testing kit for UTIs would make a fortune. Two lots of antibiotics didn't kill it so it went through the blood and hit the brain. The hallucinations were so vivid it was like bingeing on high colour TV.

River, I hope your eyes are seeing better. I see you have joined the grandparent club or is it like me, the great grandparent club?

CameraFace, you nearly gave me a heart attack when I got the screen message that your blog was gone. Finally found you through Elephant's Child and such a relief. We're all getting old and people are disappearing every day. I don't know what I would have done without my nephew, he was my rock.

Frances said...

That sounds quite terrifying (although I realise it might have been quite different to that, really.) I'm so pleased you had/have a rock.

River said...

I've been a grandparent for a long time, the twins make it six grandchildren and the oldest, at 28 will make me a great grandma in March next year.
I have new reading glasses which is helping but haven't had the cataract surgery yet. Next year will do for that.

Ann ODyne said...

Hot damn so glad to see you check in. I cannot stand long enough to brush my teeth. or put clothes on hangers. Supermarket trips are like surviving an assault course.
Thank Dog for Nephew. cheers to you, Annie

Ann ODyne said...

drat, now it is February and you are still quiet. Truly hoping it is just recharge issues keeping you from bringing your joy to the inboxes. Between the laptop, the dongle & the mobile phone, I am either out of credit or out of battery. The mobile refuses to give me the numbers keypad so I can call out. Use it or lose it is not working at all.
Love to you all from the Vic/SA border