Monday, April 24, 2006


Another hospital and another 3 to 4 hours tomorrow. If I am tired then Mum is exhausted and we both still have this virus. It took every ounce of self-control to not cough having the chest scan so they only had to do it once but she did it. The bone scan was something else because the narrow bed only came down so far and she had to use steps and that hurt but she did it again.
Over the years we have become expert at opening Doctors' reports with tampering with the seals so we know there is no cancer in the bones.

I spent the time reading a book, a supernatural fantasy. The usual sleepy village awakened by an ancient evil and this gem by the homely cook, "a cat is a man who's forgotten his shape and a taste of the good life might jog his memory". I'd believe that after looking at 'He who must be fed constantly' who was sleeping on his feather cushion wrapped in an expensive mohair rug.

I watched the programme, Battlefield Detectives, the other night. Instead of just the battle, they looked at the terraine and what effect it had on the outcome. The geology of the area was just as much an instrument of war as a gun. The Turks were also underestimated, being thought of as undisciplined rabble but they were fighting for their country against an invading force. Fighting on home soil, the biggest incentive to not give in and another lesson leaders never seem to learn.

Kim Beazley's health is being asked about in Canberra. Now that's something I've been on about for a long time. He has never seemed to be in good health to me.

I've missed my computer. I've missed blogging. I missed the Cruise spawning. I'm not going to miss this virus from Hell when it goes so now I'm going to catch up on all the news for the past week.


Ron said...

And we have missed you. Hang in there, sweetie. XXXOOO

Link said...

Yeah, where's yabin? In hospital?? Egads, stay away from them. No, where's ya wheelie bin?

BwcaBrownie said...

Hospital is no place for a sick person.

3 cats here all in the lap of luxury
(heat food toys snuggly beds) and none has reverted to any other shape (thank Goddess)

Much love to you both, Brownie

JahTeh said...

Would you all believe, another hospital to go before Mum's op on 4th May. If she survives the pre-lims, she'll survive anything.

sexy said...