Sunday, June 25, 2006


I wasn't going to post today because I couldn't find anything interesting in the paper but I did get a spam email that I had to share with you all........

"Rock hard manhood, multiple explosions and several times more semen volume delivered to my door, low cost and fast."

As tempted as I am to reply and say yes, send, and does it come with green eyes, I think some of the blurb got deleted along the way. (Ron, drooling is so unattractive)

There was something about free will and whales. Humans have free will and don't have to eat whales, they can become vegetarians. Vegetarians have free will and can become vegans. Whales don't know what free will is and eat krill, toothed whales eat fish, Orca eat seals. Krill are voracious little beggars and chow down on plankton. Free will means I can make a choice, animals can't. If the whales were being caught to feed a starving nation, then I would have to make a choice to support it but these whales are destined for the wealthy only so I choose not to support full scale whaling. As for saving the krill, one day we might have to do just that. Salmon farmers give the fish a dye to get the salmon colour they would naturally get by eating krill. If the farmers work out that it's cheaper to grab krill then look out.

Mindless ramble through my head over.

Tonight on 60 Minutes, they have a story on same-sex marriage in Canada. The couples interviewed are Australian, one half of the first couple is the now convenor of Australian Marriage Equality. The other couple is Matthew Culleton and Luke Gahan who was the first convenor of AME. Watch the show and tell me how these four men are going to bring down our so-called wonderful heterosexual institution of marriage. It's not about sex, it's about love and commitment.

On the home front, I made a quiche and cut my finger on the processor blade, fortunately it was not going at the time. Whizzing sharp things and me do not go well together. (or is it I, blood loss mistake) My soup is the best tasting this winter even with the wrong pasta in it. I picked up a packet of calcium enriched, especially for kids, teddy bear pasta shapes, result, delicious. (Hi Gerry) I'm now going out to cook Granny Smith apples with cinnamon bark and shredded lemon zest and strongly resist the temptation to put a ginger sponge topping on them.


Davoh said...

Orca can, and will eat humans if left with no choice.

BwcaBrownie said...

Davo darling - I would eat a human if left with no choice.
hunger is not my type of masochism.

before i saw your remark, I was gonna tell The Good Witch to go right ahead and put the ginger sponge topping on the apples. Just Do It!

and then I saw the rainbow photo ...

Link said...

"Rock hard manhood, multiple explosions and several times more semen volume delivered to my door, low cost and fast."

Sounds messy.

JahTeh said...

Davo nice to see you online again. Orca aren't conservationists either, they only eat the tongues of their whale prey and let the body go.

Crystal I was good, apples only. I hate myself.

Link I've had weird spam but this was really funny and the pictures that formed in my mind. Funny little things men are.

Daniel said...

Funny little things men are! I have no choice but to report this blatant bias to the Anti-discrimination Board.

Men might be crude, rude, unnecessary, stubborn, stupid, disloyal, lustful drunkards but funny NEVER!

Except John Howard.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Due to a lack of my own possesions around me, I was forced to watch 60 Minutes on Sunday night and the gay marriage thing was covered quite sensitively. Will it make any homophobe or parent who is more than just disappointed think a little more? Maybe.

Interesting story about aboriginal art in WA. Never knew about it at all.

Daniel said...

Crystal, this could be the answer to world over-population! If everyone ate just one other person we could halve the number of humans overnight.

Any volunteers to provide the main course?

R.H. said...

Hello Miss Jahteh, oh golly but it is cold.
I haven't moved to a higher plane yet but have now sent out two celebratory tokens. Am I premature? I hope not. But anyway one of them has been received and the other should be likewise today after a a certain Madamoiselle follows her Fridge down the dusty old Highway to her new abode, say no more. Meanwhile I now have about one hundred novelty ties and don't quite understand why except that they are bright and beautiful and totally ridiculous. There's two Daffy Ducks one of which is enormously absurd but needs a bit of re-stitching. I'm sending it to you, so what's your address?
Post it here. And straight away.

And don't be coy.


JahTeh said...

Daniel, John Howard is not funny except when he's doing his little walks in those funny little pants and what's with Jeanette wearing a green and gold sport top with HOWARD emblazoned across the back?

Andrew, the show was terrific and old Wallace came across as a complete nincompoop who couldn't string two words together that made sense.

Give my address to RH, for that I want at least 100 references to tell me you aren't an axe murderer and in different handwriting.

R.H. said...

I know of five people who'd give me good references, but they can't read or write.
Just nominate a post office, I'm running out of time for all this.