Thursday, June 08, 2006


I bet you all wondered where the witch venom was when the Prime Rodent made his announcement about overturning the ACT's Civil Unions Act. Well I was in a bit of pain, the date being 6.6.6 and my past lives coming back to haunt me. You know dislocating of joints on the rack, burnings, getting thrown in lakes, all discriminatory acts against the gentle crones of the forest. Not to mention the temperature in Melbourne, talk about Hell freezing over.

I do want to thank His Ratness for considering the institution of marriage and how he can save it from those awful *gasp* same-sex people who think they *horror* should be allowed to commit to each other. I mean JUST LIKE US normals. I admire him for standing up on the day of the Anti-Christ and throwing his Godliness in the Devil's face.

Now let's really save the institution of marriage and shove all skanky blondes in those detention centres we've got standing idle. Another idea would be to let legislation go through but do a little deal with God. Any gay person proposing marriage to another would instantly be smitten with Ruddock's visage and that should stop them in their tracks. I'm sure I could think of others but I'm having phantom pains due to bodkins being stuck in odd places.


The Editor said...

Oh settle down, will you! The Rodent will be defeated in the Senate. There are enough in his own government who will cross the floor on this one. Do you know how many male and female sex workers and toy-persons are getting ready to name names if these bastards try to disallow the ACT legislation? It'll become known as The Fyshwick Capers..

They're stuffed, JahTeh. But by all means maintain the rage until the good news is made official: "Howard backs down!"

You heard it here first, from the Blogsnark Extraordinaire...

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Gerry, I hope you're right my friend! They havn't even committed to a Parliamentary debate on it yet - they were just going to bypass the pesky debate altogether - still are, I believe.

It's gotta get to parliament before they can cross the floor.

JahTeh said...

Oh lucky me, a snarky comment from the blog leper. They better cross the floor, I just spent all morning learning how to copy and paste so I didn't have to type out every email separately.

Girls, the rat's getting nervous, the pitch of his whine is going up but now he's got a dead terrorist to throw to the masses.

Unknown said...

"It's gotta get to parliament before they can cross the floor.

That's the real worry, I think. There is no need for the rodent to do anything except request the GG to veto the ACT law.

The Editor said...

Ron, can he do that?

Unknown said...

Yes, Gerry, simply on the say so of the executive govt:

"But the federal Attorney-General, Phillip Ruddock, announced after a cabinet meeting yesterday that the Government would advise the Governor-General-in-council to disallow the new ACT law.

Under section 35 of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, the Governor-General can act on advice from the Federal Government to disallow ACT legislation within six months of laws being made."

This is one source but it's mentioned in most reports.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Yes, and it'll be the only time a Federal Govt has done so! Even the Euthanasia Bill got debated in Parliament.