Monday, July 17, 2006


After the disappointment of the DaVinci Code I wondered if the Pirates would be the same but I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it. I forgot about war and politics for the afternoon and relaxed with my feet up. I'm looking forward to the third instalment with Capn Jack Sparrow.
If Keira Knightly says she doesn't have an eating problem then she should go back and have a look at this film. The girl looks rounded, almost, and healthy not the scarecrow that's been parading on the red carpet lately.

Actually the film took me right back to the Saturday arvo pictures. My sister and I would walk nearly 3 miles across paddocks and roads to get to the theatre. Something that would give mothers and fathers nightmares about now. Nothing like a two tier picture theatre filled with screaming, fighting and Jaffa throwing kids, makes a soccer match look like kindergarten.

The walk used to terrify me as we would have to go through a huge paddock that had horses. My sister loved horses, I didn't. She would wait until I was in the middle of nowhere and then she would call them. Of course, they always came for her, through me.

I didn't like the realism of movies on the big screen. Even now I can remember scenes that terrified me and I hated the Three Stooges. They pulled the beautiful theatre down and built a petrol station then they pulled down the petrol station and made a road.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you remember Saturday arvo flicks. I just missed that. What continuity. How many year later are you going to the pics with your sister.

JahTeh said...

My sister and I have vastly different tastes in movies these days. I wanted to see Pirates, she wants to see 10 canoes.
The one thing to remember about the 'old days' was to get a seat on the aisle to race out first to the milkbar across the road.
When I think about it now we were really young to be going so far alone. I wouldn't let a child do it now.

Daniel said...

But Jayteh, the Three Stooges are loved by all.

I mean I heard John just the other day heaping praise upon the IDF for acting in self-defence by levelling Lebanon. And Bush was talking with his mouth full to Tony at a banquet in St Petersberg. Such rudeness. But when you can walk on water and talk to God I suppose such little faults must be forgiven.