Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'm back on pill duty except this time I'm doing it with colours. The first phone call of the morning goes something like...."I can't quite get the pills again." Me...."Take the fat pink one, the round orange one, the round white one and the two colours of green long one" I listen to fumble, fumble and counting. "I take the four at once with water, dear?" Dear resists temptation to say hemlock and listens while Mum takes them. All clear and the phone goes clunk. She rings back, "Did I hang up on you or did you hang up on me?" The day is looking good.

The bad news is it seems to be catching. I stood in front of the ATM and couldn't remember one digit of the pin number I've been using for fifteen years. I walked inside the bank and got a new one, it was easier. I can remember her 7 pin numbers and passwords and medical history back to 1975 but my four number pin is gone forever.

It's the doctors' opinion that this is acute brain syndrome, an after effect of the UTI which was much more severe than we thought. It should clear up within 2 to 3 weeks but for that remaining time she'll still have psychotic episodes but nowhere as bad as last week. The poison from this type of infection especially where the immune system is shot goes right through the body until it hits the brain. I'm beginning to wonder how many older people, in the past, have been diagnosed with dementia instead of this and gone untreated until they were quite delusional.

I'll whisper this very quietly so the gods won't hear, things are going along well for a change. Even Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD was on special for half price as was the lst season of Firefly. Now we'll see how long the average fat person can live on baked beans and fresh air.


BwcaBrownie said...

"I'm beginning to wonder how many older people, in the past, have been diagnosed with dementia instead of this and gone untreated until they were quite delusional."

Too many I would guess.

If you alternate the beans with porridge (add sultanas for 'dessert porridge') it is a tolerable diet for months. Then I went upscale to buckwheat pancakes which have been my staple for about 4 years.
The Wonder Food.
Make some for Endora ?

Lord Sedgwick said...

Odd you should mention that Cuz, then again prolly not. Fives days a working week (her's, not mine,I hastily add) I trip-trap down the stairs to the bawdroom like them bridge-traversing, troll-avoiding lonely gruff billygoats from the Grade 2 Reader ('Lazy Tok', where are you now?) with a stable table chocker with buckwheat pankikes, (N.B. buttermilk is the trick to their edibility) anti-bacterial, firewalled, fellated ... errr sorry ... folated fruit juice and Engalish Bekkiefast Tea.

After that she summons up the courage to face a rabid group of year 8s each of whom have had 5 coke slurpies and 8 buckets of chips en route to school.

(As I keep saying to "her indoors" on the way out the door, "Better you than me" ... or not.)

JahTeh said...

I absolutely will never even if starving eat something that resembles cold snot. I still have that recipe for you, buckwheat pancakes and caramalized apples and walnuts, I could handle that.

I'm looking for a chef/gigolo, Your Excellency. You may send your CV to this blog with references and photos. I mean those calf muscles must be nicely taut from all that stair work.

BwcaBrownie said...

Lady Livia needs to figure out how to get Ritalin into those kid's breakfast Slurpies.

Witchy - 'cold snot' ? wot? porridge?

add cinnamon and sultanas and chopped apple and HEAT (as I do, to just about weverything I eat. Cinnamon kills gut microbes apparently and is less costly than yakult.)

Daniel said...

I've been doing a lot of stare work. Everytime I go down the street I stare at this woman, then at that. My eyeballs get a real workout! And my memory!

Great to see your humour coming back, Jahteh! There's hope yet for us all!

JahTeh said...

It's bad enough knowing that I've got raging colonies of gut fauna without drinking more of the little freeloaders.
Yukult Phoeey! I don't care what you say, porridge slimes.

Daniel you keep doing that and you'll run headfirst into RH doing the same thing.

Daniel said...

Are you trying to ruin my weekend? I swear I'll never stare at another woman. Well, perhaps a glimpse!

When I no longer appreciate female beauty, it'll be time to hang up the saddle and head off into the long paddock.