Sunday, July 02, 2006


Where did that seven days go? I know where the apples I cooked went, absolutely nowhere. After re-reading about them in that other post, I realized I hadn't eaten them so where were they? Still in the pot on the stove, brilliant but the possums had a lovely time with them last night.

I woke up with a headache which got worse taking 20 minutes to get Mum to take her pills. When I finally went to get out of bed I thought I might have had a slight stroke. One eye was unfocused and blurry. Mystery was solved when I put my hand up and nearly poked my eye out, the lens is now back in my glasses.

My sister and I compared notes and we are now working on the assumption that Mum is having anxiety attacks which can cause a distortion of memory. Her long term memory is fine so what she couldn't remember yesterday, she can remember today. She has anti-anxiety medication so we'll give her that for a week to see if there's any improvement. For anyone out there who thinks we're doing this on our own, we're not. These are things that she has been through before and recovered so there is a record. I even thought that it might be a form of post traumatic stress disorder since she was diagnosed and operated on so quickly that she might not have had time to come to terms with the cancer or the mastectomy. But it appears her mind is just a little behind on processing information. Like I said what she didn't remember yesterday, she could repeat to my sister today.

In a post a long long time ago, I said that Andrew Olexander was an idiot and I'm not taking that back. He said he was ousted from the Liberal party for being gay and was on the way to putting forward a private members bill for civil unions in Victoria. The papers had a great time with the fact that he has put his lover on the payroll and tax payers are footing the bill. The lover's wife of 27 years was shocked at him having an affair and devastated that it was with a man. So, far from doing some good for the gay community, he's now handing the fundies another opportunity to carry on about depraved gays and how they seduce good married men to their cause.

I have never been a fan of Big Brother but I would have watched tonight to see how Gretal tells all about the eviction of John and Ashley. Of all the times for the TV to blow a fuse it had to be now and not even a good kicking brought it to it's senses. I'll try again later because I would hate to miss Inspector Jericho on the ABC, a real pleasure on a Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Hard time that you are going through. My sis in law spent 20 mins trying to get her mother off a public toilet and into her chair. Sis in law is realising that this situation cannot continue and a hard decision must be made in the medium future.

JahTeh said...

The last time I took Mum out, she got lost at Southland. It was worse than looking for a kid and she wasn't even daffy then.