Sunday, October 29, 2006


I am here to share my racing tips with you non racing types.

Don't back horses named after yourself or friends.

Red Dazzler came tenth in the Cox Plate with a starting price of $26.

Sedgewick did better by coming eighth in the Mornmoot Stud Stakes with a starting price of $71.

Sis says I couldn't pick my nose on a dark night under a klieg light let alone a winner.

Thank the Horse Goddess she can and did.


Lord Sedgwick said...

Yeah, that eponymous horse (give or take a redundant 'e') came in a despicable 9th. Well it would wouldn't it?! (a)I had my hard earned on it, (b)its stall number was ominous and (c) I'm not you tinny punting sis.

However we did stage a shit-hot comeback by having my last florin each way on the $20 pop Fields of Omagh nn the basis that he and I were the two most geriatric beasts at Moonee Valley on Saturday. (notwithstanding both Fields and my leg problems he and I can claim to have better sets of pins than some of the patronesses at the Valley on Saturday.)

Just missed the quinella as we took Pompeii Ruler with the field. (The "I'm not your tinny punting sis" rule again came into play.)

The most attractive beast on the course (outside of me good self) was the wonderfully marked Apache Cat, a natural frontrunning miler - not a 2040 metre distance horse - what was it doing in the Cox Plate!?.

We pulled up well after the Plate. Me Cox was ready to do another lap or twelve but we was dragged away by the cleavage nazi.

Cup tips I hear you (and you sis) not ask. Well, seeing you insist. (1)The bleeding obvious Tawqueet (2) Our Smoking Joe and (3) Activation.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Okay, I want your sis's tip for the Melbourne Cup!!

Davoh said...

the only horse i will back is the one i can get my legover.. oops, showing prejudice here ..heh.

JahTeh said...

Keep your eye on Pompeii Ruler Your Lordship, and Apache Cat is definitely a miler, all according to the betting expert in the family. Plenty of cleavage at the Valley that I could see Your Perveship and I bet you have turf rash on your eyeballs.

The word is Tawqueet, Muriels but it could change at any time according to the weather, the track, the shape of the clouds or the colour of the jockey's Y-fronts.

I worked in racing for years Davo and still can't work out form. Sis is looking after a 91 y-o lady who gets out the form straight after breakfast, she says it keeps her young and she's a whiz at Quinellas.