Sunday, October 29, 2006


Governments will do everything to get re-elected.

The Federal Government is going to give schools $20,000 a year to employ chaplains to encourage core values instudents. $90 million over three years to develop the ethical and spiritual health of students. These chaplains don't necessarily have to have a religious background but would be required to provide religious aid and personal advice to students. They would assist full-time school counsellors.

I can think of better ways to spend 90 million dollars on school children, first off giving them a place to have a decent lunch which could be provided free. That might get the obesity wankers off the kids' backs. I assume that this would be 'Christian' core values so what happens to all the children of all the other faiths in this country.

Would they help gay teens who are being bullied and tormented? Money directed to the Pride and Prejudice program which tackles homophobic abuse and bullying in high schools or the Ally Program which trains people to help gay university students would help cut the suicide rate by making schools safer for teenagers of diverse sexualities.

According to the article I read, it's hoped that Howard's program might prevent another DVD-type incident of the Werribee kind. Well sorry, Howard but that kind of attack happens to a gay student every day of the week and you haven't cared about them but the religious nutters you associate with don't care either.


Anonymous said...

After having implemented the GST after saying "There will never be a GST!", The work place reforms without so much as a workplace backlash, let alone a national one, Invading a country and continuing occupation without majority or UN support .........
Is't it obvious that the weasel can do as he pleases and get away with it?
Three words jahteh my friend....

Democracy Is Dead!!!

Zoe xx (I just found another reason not to put my child into 'the system').

R.H. said...

Send your kid to Wesley. I'm an Oxford man myself. No kidding. Magdellan College. Lovely chapel. Are you a Christian? I am. So is Dr Cairns. He converted. Last breath. So will you.

JahTeh said...

Retribution comes to us all Zoe and the weasel is no exception. People don't forget a pack of lies and they'll be looking very carefully at the next election, I hope.

My last breath will not be converting me, I'll be trying to get the last word past RH. At least you're an Oxford man, all the Cambridge ones were spies.