Saturday, December 30, 2006


It could be the last post for a few days if the dial-up connection doesn't right itself. I'm having trouble getting any pages up with a 'cannot find server' message every time I try. This is all from when I installed IE7 so I'm blaming Microsoft. That's one resolution for 2007, move to firefox when I figure out how to change all the settings for mail etc.

The cat has just had a convulsive fit that had him throwing himself all around the room. Almost as though someone had him on a string. He peed everywhere and cried but he's now lying by the open door but I think a one way trip to the vet is coming up. I can't have him in pain and he's going on 19 but with the hard life he's had, it's more like 29.

We are in the process of setting up respite care for Mum. Today she was reasonable and if it was in place she probably would have agreed. Two days from now she'll turn around and refuse all help. It's been that kind of Christmas. Another reason I haven't posted because it's been too painful to put into words, respite care or nursing home and she's not rational enough to make her own decisions so it's going to be kicking and yelling all the way.

I still have my bottle of Jacob's Creek and I think New Year's Eve will be the right time to hit it.
2007 can't be as rough as this year has been.

The only good bit of news was our beloved Prime Minister saying that he would be glad to have a nuclear reactor in his backyard, so saving us thinking about that problem. Of course, he thinks that the whole of Australia is his backyard so we still might have a problem.


Davoh said...

Enjoy the Jacob's Creek. Self still prefers Wolf Blass, but beggars can't be choosers.. bought a slab of VB t get me into next year .. arrgh!!. Oh well.. such is life.

"What is illness in the body of a knight errant .. each time he falls he shall rise again .. and woe to the wicked ".. oops, must stop listening to the LP of Man of La Mancha.

JahTeh said...

It'll be a toss-up Davo, the Jacob's or the box of Candies my sister gave me. Love Man of La Mancha, it still makes me groan when I think of what they did to the film version.

phil said...

"Whatever gets you through the night", as they are wont to say. Hope 2007 brings you better things.

Anonymous said...

Hi JT, couldn't agree more about our trusted PM...Did I really say trusted??
Enjoy your Jacob's creek my dear and I think that next year will be a much better one for you......afterall ya could always adopt a delightful daughter like me! ; >

Anonymous said...

Hi there, sweetie. I am sorry to hear of your cat's difficulties on top of all else. The thing I envy most about animals is their inability to think about the future and to ponder and reason and worry as we humans do. That ability is both a curse and a blessing, isn't it. When I took my 22-year old cat in for the last time it didn't hurt her of course. They are so lucky. Just think that way. And think of kittens, JT. Kittens are wonderful. Go play with somebody's soft, energetic, fuzzy, silly kittens. Pick them up and put them on your shoulder and feel those tiny needles sink into your skin as they nuzzle and purr at your cheek; sit on the floor and let them crawl all over you as they try to reach the moving toy; bury your nose in their fur and inhale--not once but a hundred times. Suck in some of that youth, some of that energy.
And, as long as I am here, I'll give you a New Year's present. Go here
and be sure to open up the comments and read them. I wanna hear you laugh all the way over here. :)
You're gonna do fine, kiddo. You're gonna do fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh-oh. I meant to direct you to the little red boat's post titled "Scrunchies."

Mother Sharon Damnable said...

It's been one of those years for me, again!

My Aunt is in a care home and she came to me for Christmas, I think the dementia diagnoses is wrong, but am not sure what to do about it ATM.

My uncle has P of A and seems to think this makes him god! Not sure ATM what to do about this either!

My younger son left home in September and I'm still negotiating just how to be my own person again!

No doubt 2007 will be challenging for us all, but knowing people like you are out there makes me more determined to make some sort of sense of it all.

Happy, Happy New year, you brave, kind, elegant, sophisticated, spirited, lovely, lovely woman!


Anonymous said...

The revenge of the mothers eh? Mine and yours, maybe we should get them together? Its amazing the difference drugs or a lack thereof make. Here, small snippet. Phone rings:

Mother: "Where are you? When were you discharged?"

Me:"I'm at home, Mum, (where you rang me) I haven't been discharged from anywhere."

Mother: "You're a liar Link and you're about to schedule yourself."

Me: "Yeah. Right."

Mother: You've stolen my keycard"

Me: "No I didnt' steal your keycard, I put it back in your wallet in your handbag".

Mother: "Well maybe I should look for it there."

Me: "Yes, that'd be a good idea BEFORE you accuse me of stealing it."

Mother: "I apologise."

Me: "Its easy to apologise isn't it?"

Mother: I'm sick of you and your sister, I'm putting myself first from now on.

Me: (thinking) From now on eh?

Mother: "Your sister has been drinking again, and I've reported her to the police. (The latter part of this statement is undoubtedly true)

That nice detective has been around today and he told me she'd been drinking.

Did you or did you not, tell me that Dr E, (famous Sydney psychiatrist, long since retired or so he keeps trying to point out to my mother) shot himself?

Me:"No mum I didn't tell you that."

Mother: "Yes you did".

Me:"No I didn't."

Mother: "Link, don't lie to me. You told me that a few minutes ago".

Me: (getting exasperated) "No I didn't tell you that. When? A few mintues ago. Before you rang me or during this call?"

Mother: Your lying to me. I'm sick of it.

(hangs up)

Happy new year to you too Mum.

Middle Child said...

We had a fair bit of Jacob's creek also at Christmas : )

I hope things ease with your mum, but if not sometimes a little bit of what you fancy makes it easier to take... thats what God made it for I reckon.

My mum died at 66 quite young really...and she was a wild wonderful colourful happy woman for 7 months of the year...her true self...but the other three months were hell and she knew what it was like to be inside her and also what effect it had on us... poor bugger suffered cyclic deep deep depressions...and she weould fad into herself, not eat, not do anything and the energy drain was dreadful...

Even more dreadful was that she knew...

But everyone is different...mum was such a gentle funny tolerant person...that was her personality...the sickness was on top. Everyone has the personality they had without the sickness and this can make things harder for some.

I am hoping things this year become easier for you

JahTeh said...

Didn't quite make the Jacob's, Phil, but it's still chilling.

Zoe, you would be so lucky, I am a wonderful mother, now would you like to buy this nice bridge I've got for sale in Sydney?

Janet, never again with the animals. I would not even buy the most gorgeous kitten calender for 2007. I will try the link but I'm having connection problems.

MD, there are so many variations of dementia and degrees of severity that I would have her checked by an expert in the field. Don't forget too that urinary tract infections left untreated can lead to similar symptoms. See if he has PoA over medical as well as financial, here they're separate.

Link, I feel the pain, the exasperation, the wanting to stab oneself with sharp objects. Mine is trying so hard to be normal that it kills me when I yell.

Middlechild, my sister says this is the hard part, where they know that what they're doing is not right. When a person really loses it, they're happy because they don't know. I'd hate knowing I was losing part of my mind and it's getting close.

JahTeh said...

Janet, I've bookmarked that site, she is a very funny lady. Her comments on scrunchies needs the talents of RH though.