Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Please Santa, send me a digital camera so I can stuff up twice as many photos twice as fast as I do now. I did photograph this once before but it was too sparkly but I noticed it came out very well in the mirror behind. What does well as an accident is a bit hard to do intentionally but I tried. It didn't help that sis was pissed and was standing on a stool and had the shakes and threatening to kick me if I photographed her double chin. So I forgot to turn the lights off and shut the blinds but I'm not doing it again.

Americans call these beaded ornament covers but Aussie crafters are a bit up them selves and have taken to calling them chandelier ornaments. I started making them in 2001 so I was first, me, me, me.

When the cover is flat on a table, it's surprising just how big it is. That's the beauty of them, they fit over any size bauble and the shape changes with size. They take concentration which is why I have one half finished on my workbench. Another something I forgot to archive before they were sold or keep for myself.

On a good note, my sister will receive her present two days early this year. I'm still working on the second half of last year's though. Mum doesn't want a present, she says she'll be happy if I stay with her Christmas Day. I think I'm going to get an ulcer from Santa.


lucy tartan said...

that's actually a pretty intriguing photograph.

Anonymous said...

Yes, intriguing. Pissed people usually end up wearing the chandelier.
You could always threaten publication of the uncropped photo on your blog if your sis ever gives you any gruff.

JahTeh said...

I love making these but you need peace and quiet to get into a rhythym of counting the beads, at least for the first 12 rows then you can judge the hanging length. I didn't have a pattern when I started from a tiny photo but later I found I wasn't far off the mark using guesswork.

Ron said...

If you Santa brings you a gift certificate Kmart have a Kodak digital camera for $99 and one of the other chains one for $88.

Lord Sedgwick said...

What's wrong with a Box Brownie.

Boom, boom!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thats really nice,JT. I've never even heard of them before.

My advice is to sit on santas knee and beg for a digital camera.....They are GREAT!!
You can take as many shots as you like and simply delete all the rotten ones. Another benefit is that it doesn't cost a fortune to get mainly crap photos back and if you want some printed they are really cheap!!

Have a Merry Xmas :~)

(oh, I left a link for you on an older post)

Anonymous said...

Sorry! Just so you know, I'm catching up by commenting on your older posts Darl!

Zoe xxx

JahTeh said...

I'm waiting on a cheque, my tongue is hanging out for this cheque and the list to spend it on is getting longer.

She's going to read that Sedg and you'll be for it.

Zoe, thanks for those links.

Anonymous said...

Kiki, do you have a flickr account? I was sure you did.