Sunday, December 17, 2006


Joy to waking up and knowing I'd only have to walk to the shop to get the paper and croissants for breakfast.

First bit of mood breaking, no croissants.

Second bit of mood breaking, opening the Herald Crumb.

Third bit of mood breaking, being reminded what a load of vile hypocritical Bible bashing members of Parliament we have.

My friends, themuriels, Samantha and Kelly are lesbians. They live in W.A. and they can't have a marriage ceremony, no civil union, not even a partnership registration even though they've been in their relationship, that is committed relationship for 13 years. If I think that stinks, then I think these items in today's paper set up enough pong to wipe out a small town.

On page 8, we have a double spread on poor Brendon Fevola and his marriage break-up. It was a good marriage, it lasted 14 months until he had a touch of the 'Warnes' and left a message on his mobile phone. The message is supposed to have come from Lara Bingle, model and 19 year old dill who has denied everything. He has a daughter, born in July.

On page 17, we have an old favourite back in the news. Wayne Carey has a new love interest and this time it's not the wife of a teammate but it is another model with aspirations to become an actress. Carey and his wife ended their five year marriage six weeks after the birth of their daughter.

Themuriels, being a same sex couple, are going to wreck the institution of marriage by demanding the right to legalise their life in a ceremony before friends and family. This is the word according to Howard the Rodent.

They might have a chance to get these rights but they'd have to stop being intelligent women and become footballers.


BwcaBrownie said...

I felt so sad for The Muriels when I thought of them reading the news of the Pram In The River Baby.

Whenever any child comes to grief as a result of parental stupidity, my heart breaks on behalf of those just praying for their own child they would never take their eyes off.

Am not an admirer of Footballer/Model marriages.

JahTeh said...

I was so overprotective I think I turned him into the wild adventurer that he was. He was never a footballer though or played cricket. I think the sun damages their brains.

JahTeh said...

I couldn't be there all the time especially when he got the other kids to lock him in a plastic garbage can so he could play astronaut. I was lucky to find him that time.

Anonymous said...

lol, JT....He must have been great fun!
My youngest is the adventurous type already.

I agree about Howard, may I suggest that the pagan tradition of 'hand-fasting' is a wonderful non-religious, non-discriminatory method to tie the knot.......If the ladies are not worried too much about the 'legal' piece of paper that is?
Although, They should have the right to bloody do whatever they choose!!

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Goodness me, it seems that blogger stole my post! What I did say was something along the lines of, 'Thank you, JT for giving this injustice the attention it deserves and thank you, brownie for powers of empathy.