Saturday, December 09, 2006


Who was the moron that decided that IE7 was a good idea?

I don't need more stress in my life.

It's like hitting the dunny and someone's pinched the seat.

What is with all the tabs and what happened to my 'read mail' button?

Why have I now got three tool bars?

Bars, that's a good idea, cold cold beer. Where was I?

I operate this computer with brain on remote so now I have to re-program myself.

A little button keeps popping up telling me a USB port is malfucktioning. I KNOW THAT dumbarse, it's why I bought a new one last week. It's the printer that fritzed and I refuse to call the centre for Indian relief workers to find out where to get it fixed. It has $70 worth of new ink cartridges in it. It was probably the shock of having to do work so the cartridge scrolling thingy won't move.

After this I'm never going to beta blogging. There's only so much frustration I can take.

Big W has the same printer for $98. A bit over $30 a year for the time I've had this one and it's done about $3000 worth of printing. I never thought I'd be glad it's Christmas. I can legitimately buy myself a present.

How much to send a fritzed printer to India?


Link said...

'We' bought a new printer the other day $189.00 and got a spare set of inks to be sure to be sure. Inks cost, $140.00. Do we have to put up with this.

JahTeh download Firefox! Its really easy, google Firefox, and then just keep clicking the buttons. Can't say I'd recommend beta, mainly 'cos its slowa for everyone. Sorry.

phil said...

There's some parallel stuff going on. Last weekend I logged on to discover a new template..turned out Offspring no2 had loaded IE7. I got rid of the superfuous toolbars -they're for tools, imho - and after a day or so I got used to it. I keep reading about Firefox, I guess we're more part of the global corporate conspiracy than we like to admit, over here.

We also have had printer probs - Mrs V V B bought some new cartidges for our only a few months old and otherwise superb printer and had two show up that the print head was malfunctioning. Anyway Mrs V V B fiddled about a bit and came to the conclusion that the new cartdieges were the problem. And so it was, but you can't prove that to anybody so we've had to wear the cost.

BwcaBrownie said...

oh witchy you know how to get rid of the toolbar you dont need: click on 'View' then 'Toolbars' and then untick where you want.

After wasting a fortune on cartridges I found out some printers have the heads built-in instead of each cartridge having its own head, and this type is a bearable $12 each

I am a Firefox person thanks to a recommendation by Lord Sedgwick

Anonymous said...

I reluctantly tried Firefox and I am convert. But I don't really get why tabbed browsing is so good, so I don't use it.

Link said...

Whenever I have to call a call centre and I get someone with a 'funny' accent, my first question is always, "Where are you?" Which usually elicits the response: "(Que?) Excuse me?" So I say it again, more loudly and a litte more slowly, (as this always works)
"W H E R E A R E Y O U?"
They are invariably reluctant to tell me, but until they answer me honestly, we get nowhere. I had the most frustrating exchange with a call centre in India, when trying to read out the serial number of a computer. These penny-pinching corporate giants, use the most atrocious telephone lines, old under sea cables, before it starts to ring you can perceive the 'clunk' as it drops off the continental shelf. "D for dog, S for Sally, O for orange", etcetera. The poor sod, not only spoke softly but had only rudimentary English, so I tried yelling--slowly DEEE-FOR DOG . . Undoubtedly he wondered WTF I was going on about. He then had to translate 'Katoomba' but a week later when, surprise, surprise, nobody had come to replace just about every single working part in this rather DULL computer, I rang head office who told me as they hadn't been to figure out where 'Kedumba' was they hadn't been able to come. Hence, I insist to know where these people are so that I can ratchet my tone and language to an appropriate level. I reckon everybody should do it, the world is already so full of fucking bullshit, insist on honesty at every bloody turn.

JahTeh said...

I usually have the cartridges refilled which is half the cost and I half went with Firefox but it got all too confusing. Now I've realised I've lost my icon of an exploding wizard on my Optusnet home page. I've got the old menu bar back which doesn't piss around with the tabbed browsing. The Google search whatsa is now about 5mm and I like to see where I'm going.
I've got a HP 3550 and it's been a little beauty but I have given it a real bashing over the last three years so I can't complain.
I'm telling them all, blogger, google, IE7, you're going to half to make me use you, I'm not going voluntarily.
Link, apparently the technology involved in the little inkjet cartridges is on a par with a moon landing so the cost is really minimal. Don't you love me when I know something techny.

JahTeh said...

It won't let me have my exploding wizard.

I'm still getting a sign about a usb port but it disappears before I can click it to see what's wrong.