Monday, February 26, 2007


I have a little rant about my mother every now and then otherwise I'd be creeping out in the moonlight strangling small nocturnal animals.

This was my day.

Unscramble the usual scrambled morning phone call.

Fall in shower after shoving can of food into whining cat.

Walk slowly (bum and leg hurting) the 3kms to nut house.

Have fight with sister after telling her not to lose my book. Advice I feel is justified to someone who's thrown out TWO telephones.

She's brought the vacuum cleaner back with the news that it's not sucking up. Sprinkle carpet powder to check theory.

Spend fruitless half hour looking for phillips head screwdriver (nail file doesn't work).

Look in laundry for screwdriver and find water leaking into the washing machine. Turn off taps and power point.

Go through mental map of when I cleaned the sewing room (well....doesn't everyone keep screwdrivers in their sewing room) and bingo! Plastic box, 2nd shelf, near the window.

Undo cleaner which is harder than it sounds because I can't sit on the floor. It needs a new belt.
Can it wait until Thursday, no, cleaning lady comes on Wednesday.

Call cab, grab ATM card, check fridge before she can get in with "Can you......."

Get new belt, spot cleaner for carpet, pay phone bill, trek to opposite end of Westfield to Bi-Lo.
Too many good specials to leave so buy another green bag.

Bypass custard tarts because I left mother getting a jam sandwich for lunch.

Buy a fresh rolled apricot and macadamia chicken roast because she couldn't remember how to cook the frozen one.

Joy, two taxis at the rank. First one is the driver who brought me here so he gets a tip for remembering where to take me home.

Mother trundles into kitchen to make the jam sandwich I left her making an hour ago.

Check pills after hysterical phone call late Friday night.

Ring Chemist. Pill boy is new and mother confused him. He was to hand her the new docette, she was to hand him the outdated one. A simple operation that ended with her keeping the old one and him taking back the new one. I understand his confusion.

New docette will arrive tonight so I have to stay and check it.

Halfway through unscrewing vacuum, I am called to the kitchen to crawl in the pantry and retrieve the frypan lid. I finally get it out with the broom which is how she got it so far in there in the first place so she tells me.

Mother says she's tired and goes to sleep.....again.

Back to vacuum, trying to remember knack in getting new belt on. Swears, a lot. Right, put it around the roller first then take roller and belt to the steel thingy. Put roller back in its slots while pinning machine to the carpet with both feet. Screw the whole lot back together......again.

Sprinkle carpet with powder to check sucking up is working.

Carpet powder is missing, retrieve from mother's walker, sprinkle and sucking up is fine.

Feed cat - hers.

Feed mother.

Ring cab which arrives at the same time as Brick Outhouse. Take cab in preference to folding into a VW.

Feed whining cat - mine.

Feed me. I have been gone eight hours.


Lord Sedgwick said...

What's not to like about yet another typical day in Upper Chelters. :0)

JahTeh said...

You should worry, she's bats but laughed at your cartoons.

Andrew said...

Very clever of you to fix vac. Perhaps it is an old one that you can still take apart.

Ron said...

Another quiet day at Chez CopperWitch!

Anonymous said...

My My! How do you relax after a day like that ,JT!
zoe xxx

phil said...

That is what you do relax, is not JT? **runs away**

Yeah, but you somehow find it within you to keep going. The sensa yuma helps.

phil said...

PS - you can insert the missing words "to" and "it" wherever you like...

JahTeh said...

Don't the new ones come apart Andrew, the bagless ones they promote as the best thing since sliced bread. The one I have has a one use bag, but I get about 12 uses. Great fun pulling out cat fur,red hair and concrete dust to foil the filthy capitalists funding one use bags.

Ron, where were you when I needed "A boy a day" home page?

Like Harry Potter, Zoe, chocolate is a great restorative and coffee ice cream and cashew nuts and coca-cola and not stepping on scales.

Phil, not just this blog, everybody's blog and I love it when someone has a worse day than me or there's a new cartoon at 101 uses for a John Howard. Last one was a peach.

Middle Child said...

Some dipswitch calls it "multi tasking" but its life...and women seem to have more of this sort of "life".

Hope "life' is quieter today