Monday, March 12, 2007


I don't get this new affectation of calling an actress, actor. It's as though actress is being downgraded to stripper or 'B' movie status. Anyway here is an excerpt from an interview with actress, Kerry Armstrong.

"For years and years, I wanted to be a missionary. Unitl one day my friend - and here's a bit of a name drop - Tim Robbins said to me, "Well if you want to be a missionary so badly, why don't I come over to your house tonight and rearrange your furniture. That will give you a taste of what it's like to have a missionary come in" It was one of the best things anyone's ever said to me because I don't like interfering with people's lives. I like integrating."

Best definition of a missionary ever. Why am I posting this? Because we're coming up to Easter and the Godbotherers are out in force already. I prefer my Easter images to be of fluffy bunnies not nails and thorns, put it down to the goddess in me.


Middle Child said...

Easter was my kids and sisters and mum all sitting about with glasses of milk and chocolate....till I got too sick to eat any more...its a bit lonesome these days.

Andrew said...

Ah, bilby season is coming

Anonymous said...

Do you have "peeps" in Australia?
They taste terrible but the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Francis bets he can eat 100 peeps is hysterical.

R.H. said...

Kerry Armstrong is a no-talent old moll. Robbins is a pimp.
Kimberley Davies can re-arrange the furniture in my joint anytime.

-Sir Robert.

R.H. said...

From Sir Robert.

God botherer RH, late in the day, out for a perv along Nelson Place, but already the cafes packing up. "Hallelujah saith the Lord!" yelled Preacher Barry, one fine day in Catani Gardens. "Who believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live!"
And dame botherer RH, finding them all gone home, is yet consoled by empty chairs and tables; the dead shall live.

-Sir Robert.

Anonymous said...

JahTeh, I think Sir Robert wants Ms. Davies to rearrange his furniture in the missionary position.

R.H. said...

Not fussy.

-Sir Robert.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

But Kimberley Davies has absolutely NO sex appeal at all. She may look the part, but she doesn't radiate an ounce of sensuality.

She's about as sexual as a blow up doll. But then again, I'm a lesbian, what would I know.

JahTeh said...

MC, Easter was my Dad buying just one egg but it was always the biggest one he could find and it would just sit there. It took us years to figure out he was eating it from the bottom up and smoothing the paper so we couldn't tell. I remember the first time I had an egg with chocolates around it, my life was made.

Bilby doesn't have the same ring to us oldies, it has to be bunny.

Janet, you can't leave it there, what is a peep?

RH, When she's good, she's vey good and when she's bad that's it.
Kimberley Davies? That scrawny little bit of fluff, she'd be hard put re-arranging your sugar bowl. Now Megan Gale has a bit of substance and Jennifer Hawkins has a great sense of humour, not to mention a great looking backside.

And your nominations, girls.......

R.H. said...

Kimberley Davies is a bonfire, a furnace, ten billion degrees. Too much, a face like that -reference to the knackers straight away. Powerful, terrifying, flattening judges, professors, the whole of academia. I've no knowledge of lesbian relationships, but from your comment, it seems they're platonic.

JahTeh said...

Are we looking at the same bird, Sir Knight? I'm not turned on by women but I've been going through the *choke* womens' magazines looking at the Oscar Night parties and all of them look like plastic twigs off the same plastic tree. This does not apply to the cute vacuous pretty boys that I drool over, that's completely different.