Saturday, March 03, 2007


Dear Goddess, God, Intelligent designer, Creator or the geek operating the controls for the sims game I'm in.

I can understand Sun to make flowers grow.

I can understand rain to give the trees a drink.

But HUMIDITY!!!!!!!

Won't somebody up there think of my hair. I woke up this morning looking like a demented squirrel with its paw stuck in a power outlet.

I can't help sweating the little things, it takes my mind off the important ones like my television finally dying. Thirty-one years of devoted service and it had the nerve to die on me. Thankfully I had a spare which is only half that age and it took the Brick Outhouse 15 minutes to hook it up and get it running through the VCR remote. I was back in business for Veronica Mars.


Anonymous said...

You need a hair straightening thingy....Oh shit may not afford it after you get the new plasma TV! Forget the hair...go for the telly and get a good Keanu Video to celebrate.....Oh, and a bottle of bubbly!

JahTeh said...

This is why I keep it long Zoe, I can put it up and tame it a bit but with the humidity lately it's run amok. I nearly had 'Johnny Mnemonic' for $5 the other day but short of choking the tart with her hands on it, I had to watch it walk out the shop. It got terrible reviews but I liked it, gore and all.

BwcaBrownie said...

"like a demented squirrel with its paw stuck in a power outlet" ???

You just need a 44 gal drum of that hair product she gets!
*goes off singing "HAIR! HAIR! HAIR! HAIR!"*

JahTeh said...

Brownie, Did you ever iron your hair with the iron on the ironing board? That took skill not like the young'uns these days with hair straighteners and crimpers. You had to get the temp right and then take the iron off before burning a hole in your hair. Geez it was fun.

Middle Child said...

Humidity! Schumidity! I hates it...bloody hates it!'

Makes me feel like I'm living in a sort of SCI FI world...where I am one of thelsave classes... whist theowners live high above us in their air conditioned palaces...ahhh...air conditioning.