Thursday, March 29, 2007


It didn't start well at all. The cat has not adjusted his internal clock and woke me at 6.30 by jumping on the bed. He missed. He saved himself by throwing his claws into the only anchor he could foot. Slasher managed to leave a neat surgical incision across the top of said foot. Standing on one foot trying to drip Betadine onto the other foot is not my idea of early morning fun.

I left home at 8.30, 20 minute walk to the bus unusually slow but then I was crippled by searing pain in one foot. Two buses to get to the doctor's and joy, my blood pressure is down so no pills. I almost made it back to the bus stop but I have to pass by the BohemiancakeshopwherethegenuineViennesealmondcreamcroissantslive. I couldn't help it, they banged on the window like puppies in a pet shop saying, 'bite me, bite me, bite me'. So I did, but I had a long black without sugar so it counts. Anyway I only go to the doc's every three months and it helped me negotiate the 2 million tonnes of chocolate covering Westfield for Egg Sunday.

My sister and I have a system. I top up my mobile then transfer credits to her phone and she gives me the cash. It's worked well up to now but optus have a new website but I don't find that out until half an hour later when I ring customer service because I'm still trying to transfer money in a black hole. I had all the details for the poor wage slave at the call centre except my own number which is on the phone I'm using to talk to the call centre. I don't call me so how am I supposed to know what the number is. This has taken me nearly an hour of internet time and mobile.

I finish the day as I started it, the slave of the cat. Three cans of food and a bowl of milk later he decides to sit on my foot to get warm. Wrong foot, #*&@* cat!


BwcaBrownie said...

oh laughing laughing laaughing.

almond cream croissants ?

repetez apres moi .. kwahson ... almond creeeeeeeeeeem kwahson.

culinary pronography.

and we have all had a kitten try scaling a bare leg, oh yes indeed, so sympathy there my dear..

Middle Child said...

HUrts hurts goaway oplease I am laughing my gizzards wicked woman.

Nice Kitty.

I don't know my mobile phone for the same reasin you stated...why would I?

JahTeh said...

If you're very good I bring some down to Frankston with me. That shop is a death trap and I'd like to see all the biggest losers go on a field trip. The trap would be to go through one door and out the other without putting on 4 kilos by osmosis.

I tell you MC, it was the closest to Heaven I'll come unless Ioan Gruffudd moves in next door.