Sunday, March 25, 2007


1. Laugh hysterically at anything that has the word "fit" in it.

2. Open 15 cans of cat food, a day, for notoriously fussy geriatric pain of a cat.

3. Walk to the shop for milk whenever the snivelling swine of a cat wants it.

4. Build up biceps by turning pages of cake recipes and wiping drool from chin.

5. I'm all for spectator sports. Anything that walks past me in tight jeans will get mentally stripped and in case you're wondering that strengthens the eye muscles.

6. I dance very gracefully, it's the fat that wobbles. (don't come looking, nekkid dancing is over, summer's gone)

7. I ride horses, ice skate and climb mountains. (try proving I don't *blows raspberry*)

8. I'd like to swim, but whaling season, you know. I'd like to surf, but shark season, you know.

9. I lift weights, these artificial knees weigh a ton and the body ain't made of marshmallows.

10. I walk kilometres, to the fridge, the computer, the coffee shop, the pub.

I tag anybody who can tell lies better than I do.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Ok my first meme, Happily taken up!

1. Count me in.
2. Don't do cats (not in the literal sence!)
3.Don't walk to shop for ME, let alone a cat.
4.Hmmm...Cake recipes? No(savory girl)...Naked men magazines or anything with keanu Reeves in it.. HELL YES!
5. No comment.....(sweat beads dripping at the thought, through exeptionally strong eye muscles!)
6. Give me a pole and I garantee I can make you laugh!
7. Yeah, In a previous life!
8. PASS...Ocean Scary!
9.Does a knee ligament replacement count? ok....count me in then!
10.Fewwww...Give the 2 year old up for that in a heart beat!

Great post, JT!!!!!

JahTeh said...

I'll go with you on the 2 year old Zoe but they're faster at 3. This is the time you're supposed to be teaching them good food stuff and in the end you'll let them eat paper as long as they eat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know and i'm not looking forward to it. I only lost all the baby weight I put on with him recently cus I never stop chasing him. Want him as part of your exercise routine?
Gladly free of charge. ;~)