Saturday, March 17, 2007


A good night was had by all. Lovely bloggers to speak to but then I've been locked up for so long a trip to an outdoor dunny and conversation with spiders under the seat would rate right up there with winning Tattslotto or the rodent getting a ratsak enema.

A highlight of the evening was the Brownie and I descending the staircase in our best elegance school way, that is, sideways, crawling down the banister, watching that our grannyboots didn't slip and slide but still talking and laughing at the same time. We're still the tops, Paris, eat your heart out. But next time Brownie, when you see me opening a door you know is the gents, give me the nudge, bloody woman was too busy laughing.

The upstairs at the Exford wasn't bad except for the music. Now, I know that we're a bit loud in a mob but raising the sound to override us doesn't work, anything you can do we can do better. The seating was good, comfortable and I nicely fitted into a two seater lounge, I'm dieting on Monday. Thank you Sedgwick for that delightful photo of my double chin. If the bar staff had any brains, they'd have turned the sound down and sent a boy out for Chinese take-away and we'd probably still be there.

I haven't been into the CBD since this time last year so I'm still amazed at the crowds of people and the places to eat. Flinders Street Station, (still called that is it, I mean it hasn't been tizzied up like Spencer St., has it?) is so full of light compared to the old days of dirt and grot that it's a pleasure to stand there waiting for the late train which was absolutely filthy. I love the escalators instead of walking down a slope that rivalled the Matterhorn and I used to do that in high heels. The only bit of trouble was when three goons spat over the windows at one station, on the outside fortunately.

If the government want a bit of extra cash, how about hiring out a tram with a bar that stops at various food venues and after we're all seriously mollythemonk drops us off where ever we need to get home. A little sign on the front that says 'Bloggers' and low rise steps and we'd be in business. Take that on board Kosky.


Ampersand Duck said...

Yea indeed - it was good to meet you, although I didn't see you leave and thus couldn't say goodbye! It was an excellent grogblog; my ears are still ringing!

BwcaBrownie said...

"Gents" ? I couldn't read the sign without my specs on.
I have put up His Excellencies pics at my place, and i can't see your chins (or mine) without the specs as well.

Davoh said...

A joyous post .. ya mean there are REAL people behind all these words??

scheiss, might have to rethink some attitudes.. heh.

JahTeh said...

It was lovely to met you too Duckie, you're lucky the ears are ringing and not deaf. The Melbourne Mob can get rowdy.

Bwca, we shouldn't be let out without a keeper, preferably young and strong, good looking, wealthy wouldn't hurt either.

Davo, bloggers are supposed to reclusive computer dependent people unable to interact with real life. Whoever said that has never been to a grogblog especially in Melbourne where the grog in blog should be in caps.

phil said...

Damn, looks to have been good fun. I also missed last night's Brizvegas grogblog because of (a) work I brought home and (b) a promise to Mrs VVB that I would contribute my share to planning our forthcoming Tassie holiday (first hols in 11 years).

JahTeh said...

Next time you're in Melbourne, let us know, we'll even bake a cake.

Anonymous said...

We're the government and we don't want to be in the business of running blogger trams.

Lynne Kosky

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what the word verification for the last comment was!


Cast Iron Balcony

sublime-ation said...

Blogger Tram sounds like a great idea, propose it to Next Wave Festival.

JahTeh said...

Helen, I hate to call any woman stupid but she is and why wasn't she fired? Brownie had to wait an hour for a Bacchus Marsh train.

Sublime-ation, I just love the thought of a tram load of boozing bloggers cruising Melbourne. Wi-fi connection and we could live blog the evening.

R.H. said...

Kosky was a Footscray councillor, so was goose Mildenhall, who shaved his mo off for state parliment, Kosky grew one instead, that's politics.

Middle Child said...

I got a real visual of you two coming down the stairs...hahahah and a good time was had by all, if it can be remembered.