Friday, April 27, 2007


I almost put a boot through the TV tonight but I wasn't wearing anything but slippers so I made do with lots and lots of four letter words. Stateline is always good and tonight it showed up the stupidity of laws regarding surrogacy and what goes on a birth certificate. It involved not only a heterosexual married couple but two men in a partnership with a baby and how it affected them. I might say they looked great with little Ethan too.

The thing that got right up my nose was the goodly compassionate christian (deliberate small 'c' there) who doesn't want gays or lesbians to be able to adopt or use surrogacy to have children. He thinks children should only have a mother and a father otherwise they'll get confused. (?) By this time the language on my end was getting more than a little salty but here comes the clincher. This nerk when asked about babies like Ethan thought that ideally he shouldn't have been born. Aaaarghh! That beautiful little child with his two fathers, shouldn't have been born!!

I had no words left to throw at him after that but I badly wanted a large boot.

So we come to Senator Steve. Another compassionate christian lad is our Senator Fielding. I started to write to him in 2005 because he refused to reply to Kelly and Samantha Pilgrim-Bryne, them being lesbians so not worthy of his attention. Well the compassionate one refused to answer any of my letters on marriage equality and me being straight and a voter. But he sends me emails which thrills me no end.

In the latest, he is worried that families are missing out on public holidays, that the alcohol toll is rising, that grocery prices are sky-rocketing and those extreme Greens are soft on drugs. But what made my heart go pitty-pat was the fact that he now has a VIDEOBLOG. I get to watch him here

Well I would get to watch him but I have to go and buy some boots first or maybe I'll just email and tell him Kel and Sam are pregnant. They'll be a family, it'll make him all warm and fuzzy.

Update: the transcript for Stateline is


R.H. said...

Two dads? Well there'd be no argument about who wears the pants.

Or will one of them be in a dress?

Anonymous said...

One person's view, couldn't they show a more conventional male couple. My view, nice to see they were similarly aged and not the sterotypical older white with younger asian. Just being can be hard, being gay a bit harder, being gay and asian, a bit harder still.

Anonymous said...

It was a cute baby too.

Steph said...

Good rant. You're very brave taking on the Christians. I only ever tried it once. I'm still recovering.

phil said...

So your compassionate christian friend who thought Ethan shouldn't have been born, what's he feel about abortion then? Any cracks in the well-crafted policy posiiton?

JahTeh said...

Rh, there are born parents and there are halfwits who have children. These two men looked great with their baby who will be loved because they really want to be parents.

I thought they looked great Andrew and handled the baby a lot better than I would have.

Well Steph, the program just happened to come after your rant about adoption so I was nicely revved up.

Phil he looked the type to boycott abortion. What a hypocrite, babies are okay as long as straight people have them, everyone else piss off.
I'm sure all the great religious leaders, if they came back today, would sit down and revise the Bible and Koran into the 21st Century.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Maybe we should write to him again and advise him of our impending motherhood. That'd certainly give us warm and fuzzies!

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

Take no notice.

phil said...

I'm afraid that if the great religious leaders came back in the 21st century, they'd still be writing "holy texts" to cement male domination. THat, as far as I can see, is the sole point of all these "holy" books.

JahTeh said...

Kel and Sam, considering your warm relationship with Stevie, I'm surprised you haven't already.

Phil, my father always maintained that they were the greatest war books ever written.