Monday, April 23, 2007


I lead such an exciting life that it's taken since December to fill a 24 film but I've picked them up just in time to avoid blogger's block. That's my sister's 2005 Christmas present that she received for Christmas 2006. The deep cerise is the colour of her bedroom but it goes well with the old brass bed and antique furniture. I used Neptune satin, right side for the cushion, wrong side for the ruffle. Don't ever use it without fraystop, it's a swine to work with and shreds itself the minute it's touched. The roses are hand stitched satin ribbon with purple glass and anodised cerise beads. I'm working on the matching one at the moment but the arrangement of the flowers is different although the colours are the same. She didn't put it in the bedroom as it went so well on the blue leather.

The 2006 present I managed to finish in time. After choking on the price of woven willow wreaths, I found this at Lincraft. It was just a plain steel circle with wired beads so I bound it in gold ribbon. The wreath part was made of tied ribbon bows in dusty mauve chiffon, gold mesh and gold/silver paper. I had the transparent purple baubles but managed to grab the last box of metallic purple balls and I mean "grab" as in shove someone aside and trample over the top. The colour was too perfect to let them go to a bad home.


Unknown said...

You are a crafty witch aren't you!!! Loved the cushion, particularly

Anonymous said...

Heya,Jt! Gorgeous.....That pillow would look nice sitting on my bed!
(did I remember to invite you to my new blog? well in case I forgot it's

love Zoe XXX

JahTeh said...

Miss Eagle, now you know why the desire to get to the Alannah Hill odments. I virtually made several gorgeous things just looking at the fabrics.

Zoe, you'll have to re-arrange the letters in your name otherwise the nasties can still search blogs for it. I wouldn't have put it past them to have copied your blogroll and look for comments like this. I wouldn't have minded a daughter-in-law like you, the one I got was a dud.

Anonymous said...

Ya know,JT I thought of doing that....but do wonder if they have the brains to have thought of it.(and I deleted my link list) Thanks...I think I will do it tonight. Isn't that funny and I got a dud mother-in-law!
Oh well, adoption is big these days, maybe we can just adopt eachother! Hehehehe.

love Zoe XXX