Saturday, April 28, 2007


133.1 last week and a not so whopping 132.8 this week.

Good news, I haven't put any back.

Bad news, at 3 grams loss a week, I'm going to have to live a long time to get thin.

Bad, bad news, if you're going to look at the pretty clouds, don't walk at the same time because you won't be upright for long.


Anonymous said...

Oh, hope it was only bruised ego.

Stick at it. A small loss is more sustainable.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"A small loss is more sustainable."

You're a cruel bastrad Camera Face!

That's hardly a comforting thought for someone who occasionally catches sight of the slow desertification of the back of his bonce in a mirror.

JahTeh said...

I was looking at the clouds for a lucky dragon. I blame the council for not having the footpath level.
Bugger small losses, I want to fit into my black dress.

Thanks for the update Your Baldship, I must take a look next time and when are we celebrating Your Fossilship's spawning day?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm....My dear ,JT! I am bothered by this.
Gradual is good, but cause and effect are crutial with weight loss, as with other things. I have played the weight game on a professional level most of my life,(and suffered an eating disorder as a result).
From my experience these are the questions I would be asking myself.

What is my motive for losing weight and is it a valid reason?
Am I eating/not eating for emotional reasons?
Am I eating/not eating for sterotypic reasons?
Am I eating/not eating because it's become an ingrained habit and I can't help it?
Am I eating to fill in time that is otherwise boring and lonely?
Am I eating the right types of food?(i.e five food groups and little amounts of refined sugar).
Am I eating greater quantities than I am able to burn in a day?
Or is it a combination of some/all of them?

When you can answer these honestly you will discover the cause and effect!
When you work out WHY you eat you can find the it by distraction, exercise, smaller portions,less sugar,or dealing with your emotional insecurities.
For me it was my emotional insecurities/stereotypes and they effected me in other aspects of my life too......I just didn't realise it until I found someone who pointed this out to me.

Sorry to do the tough questions but I kinda care about you!

Link said...

Ditch the scales.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Ditch the scales."

You know I can't resist a good feedline, so why do you tempt me so, Link?

We understand that Coppertop is about to indulge in some cross-country rambles so as she can scale the ditches.

JahTeh said...

Neo, For the past year it has been stress eating and while the stress isn't getting any easier, I've decided to fight my habits. A psychologist once said, "Ask yourself who are you eating or not eating at" which I thought summed eating disorders up nicely. My sister drinks, gambles and smokes instead of eating.

No Link, what I'll do is ditch the 6km walk there and back to get weighed. His Lordship is right it is a cross country ramble to get there.

Anonymous said...

Best to lose weight slowly anyway.

Little by little does the trick.

It's a long road, but andrew's right about a small loss being more sustainable.

Anonymous said...

You're right ,Jt. The answer lies not in comparing ppls probs to lesser evils but dealing with OURSELVES. We are our number one enemy. When we master ourselves we can help anyone or do anything. An addiction free life is a healthy, free, rewarding one and it feels so liberating....take it from me, a person with many past problems. My thoughts and very best wishes are yours for overcomming it.
Keep at it and remember to always look at it on a psychological level. Mind is stronger than we think ...then we get into habits which are even harder to break! What saved me was not a dietician but a wonderful psychologist.


Unknown said...

Blow the emotional reasons. Never managed to get my head (or my weight) around that one. Some of us don't have an off switch (and there is research for this). In other words, we seldom - if ever - get to feel full. I caved in and in Dec 2006 had a gastric lapband installed. My GI Surgeon said it would probably take me 3 years to lose the weight by dieting - and success was doubtful. I know there are hardy souls who manage it but, in reality, how many do you know. The GLB operation cost $2900 which is manageable on credit cards. I estimate that I have saved that amount since then. Fewer trips to the supermarket and a lot less food. You see the GLB provides the off button I didn't have before. The surgeon and everyone at his practice were great. I've been patronised by countless medical practitioners who see you coming through the door and prepare the lecture. Then I'd shock them when they took my blood pressure to find it normal. You see medical practitioners are given statistics as an average - and some of us are far from average. This is difficult for many of them to comprehend. So I highly recommend the GLB. The name of the clinic is on The Trad Pad at and I am happy to respond to questions if people email me off the sidebar there. And yeah, dear Copper Witch, I got excited about the jeans. But my sister has passed off some gorgeous clothes to me. No Chanel but stuff from New York and stuff from Brisbane's leading designer. So am well pleased.

JahTeh said...

Thanks Darlene, I'm glad I'm not trying to give up smoking as well. I can look back at the last 12 months and see what I've been eating and it was a lot of the wrong but oh so yummy foods.

Miss Eagle, never ever going near an operating theatre for any reason in what's left of my lifetime. I'm glad to hear that it worked for you and I've known others that it helped but surgery is not an option for me. I'd love to know what Courtney Love had done. I'm sure they just put a hose in somewhere and siphoned it out.

JahTeh said...

One of the magazines I looked at last week had Casey Donovan working with a trainer to get her weight down. Now she admits to never drinking anything but soft drinks and had one to two fast food meals a day. So as a role model I hope it goes well for her.