Friday, May 25, 2007


I should have said children since I feel multiple personalities live within my mind at times. 30 years since StarWars and I still watch it when I feel a bit crook or I want to get close to the son that's gone, birthdays and such.

So yesterday I put on Layby two DVDs with 6 of my favourites twitty movies. Beetlejuice, The Goonies and Gremlins followed by LadyHawke, Willow and Legend. Tom Cruise hates Legend which is a good reason to like it in my book.

I already have these on tape but in my obsessive compulsive way, I want back-up. The tapes are wearing out, I have to stagger the viewing times. My StarWars is original without the arty-farty things George felt compelled to put in later, just because he could.

Forget the multiple personalities, I just have an escapist personality. It's no good taking me to see anything that resembles "real life", "gritty" or people interacting like real people. Booooring!
I want fairies, way out costumes, space ships, intergalactic romance and most of all, happy endings.

I sobbed when ET died, I sobbed when he lived, I'm still doing it. There's nothing like a really good bawl after a happy ending. There are some films that I don't have to see right through, usually the end will be enough to set off the sprinklers. The only films I won't see are animal ones. I'm still traumatised from "Old Yella" not to mention Tarka the splattered otter. Black Beauty will live in infamy and will I ever forget 'Gallant Bess' swimming frantically through the surf after the departing naval ships. I mean they lowered the door at the back and she clambered on board but not before my heart broke in two.

Forget realism, the world needs more fairies, magic wands and a few lightsabres.


Unknown said...

While I first cried when I saw Lassie, I don't think I ever cried at the movies more than when I saw ET.

JahTeh said...

Definitely 'lump in the throat' time with ET. I would say the Sat'dy Arvo movies for kids probably gave us more nightmares than anything else in childhood.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Well might be true but for the "Man of Steel" of my generation, George Reeves.

Him and Dixie - minus the Chicks, dammit - icecreams and the already assembled bags of mixed lollies for threepence.

Yeah, and what's happened to the 8 for a penny liquorice blocks and bullets ... eh!

Friggin' interest rates, gun laws and Mark Latham's fault I'd bet!

Mind you the seriously major nightmare of the Sat'dy Arvo movies was being up in the back row with your arms around Beryl Chandler and not having the faintest clue about how to undo the hooks and eyes of her trainer bra.

Lord Sedgwick said...

... and after all that, dare one say that your (yes, I blame you personally for the selection) word verification getting very close to the bone ... "fckfmca"

JahTeh said...

I might have known you'd be up in the back row. It must have been such a boon for you when they brought out bras that fastened in the front, eh fumble fingers.
(sorry cameraface TMI for you)

Lord Sedgwick said...

"such a boon for you when they brought out bras that fastened in the front"

Yes, but I prefered to think of them as bras that "unfastened" in the front.

Ah, the hekylling and jekylling herlei-Berlei of Saturday matinees.

Ann ODyne said...

I am so lazy that i only read blogs via Australian Index these days, anyhow here a cutnpaste on StarWars for ya -

The Psychopathology of Starwars
From: The Killfile (
Extract: It's 30 years since Starwars first hit our cinemas which, in the grand tradition of anniversaries, has led to a flood of Starwars-related stuff on the 'net. An example is the last guy in the world to see Starwars. Much more interesting, however, is a psychiatric diagnosis of Anakin Skywalker , the man who became Darth Vader (who eventually became Anakin again, and then died – did that need a "spoiler" tag?)

Middle Child said...

dittoLady Hawke...another favourite