Saturday, May 05, 2007


Count Crapula and the Bimbo bride of bleachness have bought a house.

Why he didn't think I'd immediately google earth the address then look for the Estate agent?

I did just that because I wanted to see if his taste had improved in anything. Nup.

It has hectares of white square tiles. This is hilarious.

The man turned dragging dirt into this house into an art form and I have cork tiles, earth coloured.

There are white tiles in the bathroom and a huge mirror. Good luck La Bimbo with getting the shaving cream off that.

Shabby chic as the witch's haven is, it's still a home not a McMansion.


redcap said...

Hmm, I'm guessing Count Crapula don't clean much and La Bimbo won't be much better at said useless pastime. So fear not, his home will be a cesspit in no time! >:)

JahTeh said...

On the contrary, Redcap, the lovebirds do everything together, so I'm told by him. I was the world's worst housekeeper until he left and suddenly there wasn't much work. Never. Getting. Married. Again!