Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Thank you Sam, the Evil Queerpenguin of Doom, the lobber of memes on unsuspecting meme addicts.
I have to give up eight random things about me so I'd best start at the beginning.

1. Most kids have imaginery friends. I had an imaginery 2 storey Italianate mansion in Toorak, a racing horse stud farm and two imaginery twin brothers. Always the overachiever.

2. The only car I remember from childhood is a police car. My Dad used to sit me on the gate post as a lookout while he ran the SP business in the lounge room. He got caught once and decided to tell the truth, the Judge said he was an unmitigated liar. Lawyers!!!

3. Contrary to popular opinion, a man's eyes are the first thing I look at although I've been known to 'fly' south after that.

4. I don't have a belly button. If I get pissed I can't tell if I'm coming or going but I have a birthmark so I know which way is up.

5. I have a phobia about naked men. Ha Ha, you all cry as you count up the numerous pics of nekkid blokes I've posted over the years. It's therapy, honest. I've got them all over the fridge door so I have to face my fear to get to the food. It's therapy, true dinks. This phobia makes me laugh hysterically at naked men, you're all so funny looking in skin suits. This gets me in no end of strife, men are so touchy about laughter aren't they?

6. I hate listening to music with anyone else in the room. The music is mine. I don't want to share the moment. I don't want to hear anyone else breathing through it. I want to destroy Bo Derek for ruining 'Bolero'. I've been trying to memorise Ravel's adagio from his Piano Concerto in G major for a whole year and it still eludes me.

7. I have a very placid exterior which hides a Krakatoa sized temper. I could never fire a gun but I can use words to poison, maim and kill but I try not to. Krakatoa blew itself apart, remember.

8. In reference to 7, never tell me that AIDS came from god to punish gays. Never tell me that same sex marriage is sinful. Never tell me that gays can't love, it's all about sex. Never tell me that gays and lesbians can never be good parents or don't deserve to have children. Never tell me your particular religion told you so.

There are a whole lot of rules and stuff that goes with this meme but the penguin didn't post them so I'm not. I'm supposed to name 8 bloggers, way to get beaten up at the next grogblog. But if your shrink is costing too much or soaking up the sun in Bermuda, feel free to unburden yourself to blogger, we will keep your secrets. Well, we'll keep your name secret but blog about everything you say.


Anonymous said...

Men look hot naked! You remind of two dyke friends back in the eighties who looked through one of our gay pron mags and pointed giggled the whole time. At least they were dykes and had a reason.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, really, dykes are women too. I can't help it if I have a giggle habit and when men jiggle, I giggle. I prefer my men in tight black trousers and white shirts with a touch of ruffle. I like to unwrap my presents.

JahTeh said...

I giggle at straight pr0n too but if you've got any Bel Ami going begging, I'll look after it.

Sam said...

Bo Derek ruins everything - kinda inevitable as the Republican right-wing Botox fiend she is.

JahTeh said...

Sam, that explains everything. A GDubya fan would ruin anything.

BwcaBrownie said...

Dear Readers, I can verify that the CopperWitch refrigerator has photos of beautiful young men plastered allover it.