Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I know I risk the 'curse of the ghey boy' in bagging our Kylie but lordie will you look at that dress. I'm aware that she's called the singing budgie because of her size not because her knees look like they belong on a budgie. I swear those knees could bend backwards and she wouldn't fall off a perch. Bleeech on the hair and the awful shoes.

I'm chuffed she looks grotty. This tart is the size of the lard I still have to lose off my bod. So money, botox and a figure still doesn't make for good taste. Did I mention that I'm chuffed she looks grotty?

Thanks to 'Gofugyourself' for always finding the right wrong picture.


Andrew said...

I expect she is about to take personal control of all photos of herself that are released to the media. It is not a good pic.

JahTeh said...

They always botox the face but forget about ropey hands and wobbly knees or the feet look like they should be on the end of a vulture. I always look at female celebrity's feet first.

R.H. said...

She's nearly forty, for goodness sake, with greying hair, and menopause arriving. This isn't a budgie, it's an old chook.

Mothers, don't let your girls grow up to be photographs.

JahTeh said...

Rh, you are so right. I never think of her real age and it is a bad photo.

Andrew said...

I always check the neck, but I have noticed some seem to have that done too now.

Ann ODyne said...

"This isn't a budgie, it's an old chook."
Cut straight through the crap to the essence RH.
pure gold.
She has enough money to BUY* style, yet does not. how very chav, or, 'cashed-up-bogan' of her.

(*ie: Go straight to Giorgio Armani and say "I am in your hands".)

R.H. said...

Thanks awfully Miss Brownie. Maybe you saw my letter in the Herald Sun yesterday?

And look here old bean, why'd you close your blog?

(Was it the bottle?)


JahTeh said...

Andrew you can hide everything except the back of the hands and the tops of the feet. The surgeon just grabs a hunk of neck skin and sews it behind the ears.

I tell you Bwca, you and I in our heydays dressed better and on less money than these 'young slappers'. Never mind Armani, I'd rather have vintage St. Laurent.

Rh,Miss Brownie had a blog crawler and had to fumigate.

R.H. said...

How unfortunate. Well the only blogperson I've been attracted to is Miss Laura. And that in an intellectual way. And because she's a professor. Who can cruise at low altitude.