Wednesday, June 06, 2007


"Recent changes to the legislation of the Australian Citizenship Act, likely to commence on July 1, 2007, mean that gay emigrants may face new hurdles in their quests to become Australian citizens.
The major amendment to the Act alters the length of the residence qualifying period, doubling the compulsory length of time an applicant must live in Australia before applying for citizenship. An applicant will be required to live in the country for four years, with absences totalling no more than twelve months, before applying. Of those four years, a potential applicant must hold permanent residency for at least twelve months, with absences totalling no more than three months.
These changes will only affect potential citizenship applicants who have not gained permanent residency status before the new Act commences. Current holders of Australian PR would only be required to meet the current two year residential qualifying period as long as they apply for citizenship within three years of the new Act."

At the Government site there is a list of over one hundred and forty community groups giving their views of the proposed changes. There are religious groups, migrant communities and Councils but not one gay organisation. There's even the R.S.P.C.A.
The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force in Victoria has been helping gay and lesbian couples seeking Permanent Residency status for over twenty years and I didn't see them on the list. There are a lot of religious groups and the Minister for all this......Kevin Andrews, Liberal and religious fruitcake.

Thanks to Steve Wright at for the use of his words.


Andrew said...

They are not singling out gays then? It applies to all? I will take a closer look later.

JahTeh said...

No they're not doing that but they just haven't used an organisation like this for any input so it's an 'ignore' more than anything. I'm still trying to work out why the RSPCA got a say.