Thursday, June 07, 2007


Cat food was up again.

The Doctor's bill is up.

The colour enhancing cream for my naturally coloured red hair has gone up $2.

Nimbin cheese is up, again.

And *gasp* Bombay Sapphire is up $1.98.

The bus fare went up.

My blood pressure is up and stupid doctor asks me why.

Weight is down but I'll wait for official weigh-in Saturday just in case it was all a dream.

Wonder of wonders, Myers still have odment tables during the sales. I am now the owner of a very large rainbow lustre Martini glass, cost $2.

Why can't a doctor's surgery have a box by the door containing paper face masks for the sniffling, coughing germ ridden hordes who invade the waiting room.

I had the flu vaccine today but it may not save me from the common cold germs thrown at me this morning. Why, sneezing, coughing old man, did you have to sit beside me when there were four vacant chairs on the other side of the room? Why, snoting, hacking old lady, did you have to pick up the one magazine I wanted and breathe on it? It had lovely bathroom renovations and I wouldn't have touched it with latex gloves and two sticks.

I didn't find the jewellery sale until I wasted money on food.

'Such is life' as some idiot once said.

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