Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Not this cake though. It's a fungus cake made from spores and incubated at 70 degrees fahrenheit in a glass jar. After it's carefully turned out, it begins to fruit and smell mushroomy.

Now this is more me. Wide at the bottom, skewiff at the top but with stars in my hair and spots before my eyes.
The young don't know how to celebrate a birthday properly. Dancing around and getting drunk is no fun.
When you're old just waking up on the day is a highlight.
You get to check if the other half of your teeth are still there.
You map the new wrinkles that appeared overnight.
You pluck the white hairs from your chin.
You jump up and down on the scales til they beg for mercy.
If you feel up to it, you can go for a jog and count the stress fractures.
And if the universe is kind, the birthday falls on half-price movie day and you can sneak off and watch Harry Potter again. You should do this without the birthday excuse, it's better the second time round.
Help yourself to cake and have a glass of Moet&Chandon.


iODyne said...

Cake and Champagne - what a swell party this is!
Happy Birthday dear Witchy !

BwcaBrownie said...

What an elegant swell-egant paa-a-arrty ... this IS.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

Ann ODyne said...

I saw a synchrotron on the news tonight and thought one would be the ideal gift ... so for your special day imagine please, a virtually gift wrapped virtual synchrotron from me with best wishes.

JahTeh said...

Aw gee Soporific O'dyne, a whole synchrotron, I couldn't. A single beam line will do for my lovely boys.

Bwca, how's the wind in Colac. It's blowing a gale here and the ladder just went past the window. Spooky too, full moon is up and clouds are scuttling across it. (Can I describe or what?)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Best wishes for the year ahead.

Lord Sedgwick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lord Sedgwick said...

(The deleterious person above was moi. The keyboard is not my friend!)

Manny hoppy retours CopperTopper. No relation to Hopalong Cassidy's (and no relation to the Partridge Family) whores ... errr ... horse.

We like Leos - we've been sleeping with one for over 37 years. What was that about the lamb will lay - errrr lay down with - the lion?

Dare one say that you don't look a day over 44DD. (Any more than we look a day over 22 cm.)

Over and out - now back to the jereboam of rough rouge.

Shelley said...

Your way of celebrating sounds quite perfect to me. Hope you had a very enjoyable day and a moment or two with Harry & co.

phil said...

and so says chateau vvb too


oh, you'll love this - the word verification is bonoxjbg

coffee, tea or bonox?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my sweet. Hard case like you will have many many more.

R.H. said...

What? Sorry I missed it.

So happy birthday you dear thing, my favourite blogger. I'm off to Thornbury today, to see what the mentally ill are up to.


JahTeh said...

Pissed again, Your Lordsip. I'm gutted that the ex didn't send a card. I mean I always think of him on his birthday although not kindly.

Never mind the best wishes for me OoC, you're supposed to be getting disgustingly wealthy and taking me out for expensive meals for my birthday.

Nails, have you conned anyone into taking you to see HP yet? I didn't share my large cream cake with anyone either.

Phil, Bonox conjures up extreme old age, I had a sherry instead.

Andrew, it's not a bad age to be although in gay years I've been dead a long time.

Rh, why do you have to go to Thornbury, you could just come here for the mentals.

Anonymous said...

Better late than never, sorry to have missed the good times, candy gifts and flowers, good times by the hour . . . Happy birthday. Don't spin out on that synchotron thingy.

Davoh said...

A vase of Phlox,
A jar of Bonox,
a phial of Botox
and a week of detox.
Happy birfdy, plumpkin.

Shelley said...

Nope. No-one loves me enough. Guess I'll just have to take myself. Sounds like the story of my life.

JahTeh said...

Davo, a poem for moi, too too kind and a present worth preserving, a bit like myself. Old age is catching the memory, I had one lovely young thing to post, the last cute boy and I forgot.

Nails, go by yourself because you never know who's going to sit beside you, besides the film needs concentrating on.

Thanks anon on the cast iron balcony, good times by the hour, I count good times by the minute.

Middle Child said...

Throw out the darn scales...okay...if God had meant us to have scales we'd have been borm with a scale on each foot... (come to think of it...)

Love the imagery...and its a lovely Cake

JahTeh said...

I'd love to throw the scales away MC but every little gram lost is a victory not that I'm going anywhere near them this week.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Let the scales fall from your eyes and yea verily the svelteness will follow.

The Editor said...

Belatedly, Happy Birthday, Jennie.

Anonymous said...

Belatedly too - Huh I go away for a weekend and then I find you have a birthday! Bloody woman!

Happy birthday JahTeh!

Cast Iron Balcony

JahTeh said...

I have an anon who wasn't Castiron Balcony, thanks for the belated wishes Helen. You know what's good, as old as you and I get, we'll still be younger than His Lordship.

Thank you too grumpy bear, another year much older and much deeper in debt.

Meredith Jones said...

A very late Happy Birthday; I'm enjoying the Moet and it's still sparkling, just like you.