Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's also school holiday time and half of Melbourne was at Westfield having photos taken on the Simpsons' couch for movie publicity. My head....the noise....kill.

I hate sale time when July is always short of money time but this year, bargains.

I now possess 'The Princess Bride' and 'The Abyss' for $3.92 each.

If I could just find the money for the plasma TV and DVD player, I could watch them but a 7 inch viewer will have to do.

I didn't buy chocolate and I'm going to hate myself for that about 9 0'clock tonight because I cannot spend three days with my mother without the assistance of illicit drugs, booze, cigarettes or food. I don't do the first three so hand to mouth it is.

Conversation from yesterday:

Mother: Did you just ring me?

Me: I've been here all day, how would I ring you?

Mother: I heard the phone ring, I thought it might be you.

Me: I'm in the house.

Mother: The phone rang. Did you answer it?

Me: It was a wrong number.

Mother: Good, then I didn't miss you.

I'll save the story about the rubbish bin that hasn't moved from the nature strip all day.


Andrew said...

Buy a plasma with your large tax return!

Ann ODyne said...

nah man - plasmas are a really big carbon footprint.

JahTeh said...

I'm too poor to pay tax and Bwca's right, plasma's are huge on the electricky bill but they are so gorgeous.

Stegetronium said...

Priceless quote from your mum. Are you sure you didn't make it up?

R.H. said...

Mikhela. What a funny comment. I love it.


JahTeh said...

Mikhela, believe me I couldn't make up half of what that woman says. I spend my day unscrambling her thought processes and reading her mind. It's not her fault because she knows what's she's saying, the thought just skips a track on the way to her mouth.

Middle Child said...

"The Princess Bride" was af avourite of ours. Don, Melissa Alison and I would all watch it over and over...and laughed our guts out when Peter Cook said "True luv is wat bwings us together today..."ha ha ha the best you have good taste!

Sorry about what else is going on!