Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I hate people who are rude especially in small petty unnecessary ways. Shoving a little old lady aside to grab a taxi when the grabber is able bodied enough to wait another 5 minutes.

Ipods loud enough to deafen everyone on the train or bus is a bitch unless they're drowning out mobile phone yappers.

Idiots who tell me to have a nice day when I've just paid their over-inflated prices. Another revolting import from America and its constant repetition is becoming nauseous.

Militant vegans and carnivores. We have enough wars in the world without another one. They go in the same sin bin as religious zealots wanting to save my soul with their particular brand of twaddle.
I don't have any firm beliefs and I don't want any. Today I believe in reincarnation, tomorrow I may not. Today I'm having Tofu, tomorrow I might have KFC. Whatever, it won't save me for Heaven or from Hell.

People who crowd me are going to get it. Twerps, I know I'm big but there's still room on the footpath to pass me without stepping out onto the road.

They haven't annoyed me this week but since fanatical house cleaners have been annoying me for years, I might as well have a go.
A sparkling house is all very sweet to the eyes and to the nose and if I had a house elf, mine would be too.
It annoys me when I spend time cleaning and polishing and the house is so ungrateful as to not stay that way for more than two days.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"Shoving a little old lady aside to grab a taxi ..."

So did you report the offender wot nicked your ride home to Crime Stoppers?

(BTW according to the WORD VERIFICATION the offending gazumper was a sheep molester from the land of the long white clod - "nzfkun")

Middle Child said...

ha ha ha ha ha

agree totally.

You are a person after my own gilded heart

whatever that means... but I know exactly, what you mean

Andrew said...

Sparkling house....oh, that is a bit topical. I feel a post coming on.

Shelley said...

Amen! particularly on that last point.

Meredith Jones said...

Instead of cleaning, sprinkle some glitter around... it makes everything sparkle & visitors love how it sticks to their clothes.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"It annoys me when I spend time cleaning and polishing and the house is so ungrateful as to not stay that way for more than two days."

Take a leaf out of dear ole sadly departed Crispy Quentin's book.

"There was no need to do any housework at all. After four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse."

... you do that too Polaroid Face!

JahTeh said...

It wasn't me, I'm always the one who stands aside for little old ladies, full of kindness is me.

New annoyance MC, the Mormons are now advertising on the Teev. At least if they knock on the door I can slam it shut but in the middle of my program, nuts. A very western looking blonde Jesus too, why do they always forget he was Jewish?

Andrew you post any more photos of that ultra clean post apartment of yours and there'll be a curse on your head. Of course your place is sparkling, gay places sparkle.

Nails, if we lived together we'd be declared a national disaster area. I share your idea of cleaning. I had to buy two bread and butter plates today, I ran out of paper ones and the china was cheaper.

Meredith, I save the glitter for Christmas, spray it on the cobwebs for decorations, very artistic. The holes in the carpet are hidden with cat fur, I just tell everyone it's super shagpile.

It's okay for you M'Lord, you have a dungeon to retire to.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Far be it for me to teach old dags new tricks or grammar - rather than "you have a dungeon to retire to" but we do prefer "you have a dungeon to which to retire", even "you have a dungeon to witch to retire".

I blame da teechers ... and YOU.

Brian Hughes said...

In my youth I tied weights to my prepositions to make them dangle with prominence, whereas Sedgwick's manicured prepositions seldom dangle at all, unless there are wombats involved, in which case he often forgets himself. In my opinion, there's nowt so grand as a freely swinging preposition or two, expressing themselves without the dictum of conventional grammer caging them which they are be in which caged...sod it.

Link said...

I've forgotten what I was going to say, reading that lot . ummmmm. Oh that's right. One day I was standing on Katoomba street by myself, outside shop, and twenty Koreans (I counted them) with umbrellas descended upon me and just milled around me for a while, as I backed up against the shop window. Pointing, looking, chatting exclaiming. They seemed quite oblivious to my being there. I found it amusing. They all agreed on something and moved off en masse. We Ostraylians have a much vaster sense of personal space than most un-Ostraylians. We have lots of empty space here, geographicall--cerebrally and we seem to like it that way.

Shelley said...

Ah, housemates. At least one of mine had a mental breakdown but I don't think it actually had anything to do with me and another moved to Tumut to get away from me (okay, so that's not strictly true)...
Seriously though, I don't understand people who want to clean all the time. It's both boring and tiring. Nancy Mitford says something delicious about cleaning along the lines of it being more exhausting than hunting but people expect you to just get on with things afterwards like it's no big deal whereas after hunting you're put to bed...blah blah. Only she says it much more amusingly.