Sunday, September 30, 2007


I've just found out that 2008 has been designated "The Year of the Frog". Caroline from Beelzebublog is thanked for the photo. (tried 3 times to put the link in and my brain is fried)

Next week is National Vegetarian Week.

And to go with that news is the fact that fruit, vegetables and bread prices are going to go through the roof because of the drought.

The African Jumping Spider is an equal opportunity mater. Both sexes can pick a mate, pick it on looks and size and have a post-coital feast. Virgin females have a tendency to go for a beefy male but females who've been round the block once or twice, pick smaller males. Much better to eat before being eaten. Don't you love the way females adapt?

To celebrate not pauperizing myself by buying cat food, I indulged with a fashion magazine. I'm getting old because my definition of fashion is not theirs. Picking it by the bold 'look what we've got inside' headings was a big mistake but since it was wrapped up I didn't have much choice.
I wanted it for the shoes and handbags for the next season. It didn't live up to the hype.

I don't mind high-heeled boots, not a real favourite as I much prefer cuban heels, but never in a million years will I ever look at high-heeled booties. The other emerging trend is for "dominatrix" shoes. High, very high, chunky, bloke-stomping heels, platform soles and extremely ugly uppers. I think fashion designers hate women.

Was Costello teasing us with the election date?


Brian Hughes said...

"Virgin females have a tendency to go for a beefy male but females who've been round the block once or twice, pick smaller males."

That's because all the 'beefy males', strutting round in their cowboy boots (four pairs each) and acting macho, turn out to be gay. Besides, the sweet meats are smaller.

BwcaBrownie said...

Isn't Hughes A Treasure?!

Jewellery News for JahTeh:

"A set of pearls once belonging to Marie Antoinette and taken to Britain by a friend for safekeeping will go on sale in December,
and are expected to fetch up to $US800,000.

Marie Antoinette's pearls expected to fetch £400000; The Independent"

Lord Sedgwick said...

... to which Marie would have said, "Let them eat oysters!"

JahTeh said...

Hughes I'm almost tempted to run with that 'sweet meats are smaller' but I just couldn't do it to you.

Real pearls too but I'd like to see the condition and the provenance first.

Speaks the aristocrazy!