Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm lying awake, tired but too tired to sleep. I try the walkman but the music is rubbish and I can't be bothered getting up to find a good tape. If I did that I might as well turn on the computer.

I don't count sheep and tofu doesn't jump fences so I start my next favourite 'drift' into sleep. I start moving the furniture around mentally, trying to visualise how it would look.

So I tried doing the actual moving today. I'm in pain, real hurting, never mind two Advil let's take four type pain. The blanket box I heaved out into the carport last time I re-arranged the furniture is back in but it's annoying me so it could be back out tomorrow.

One thing that isn't coming back, and it's a shame, is the sideboard. It was made by my mother-in-law's father as his final apprenticeship piece around the turn of last century. The other two pieces were a dressing table and matching wardrobe. The dressing table is still in my bedroom, wardrobe has been reduced to the blanket box. The sideboard could have been restored to pristine condition but my father-in-law didn't let me have it until it was falling apart (selfish bastard). I had one of the doors remade but it wasn't as it should be. It'll end it's life as a gardening cupboard in the carport.

So move the Queen Anne table (dining size with drop sides = heavy) to the wall, after moving the sideboard into the kitchen and moving the table from the kitchen into the dining part. The only good thing about that was giving me enough room to wash the kitchen floor before it all turned around and got put back the way it was. Then I decided to turf the sideboard.

The trick to this moving lark is not to notice it when it's been moved. If it sticks out like the dog's proverbials then it's in the wrong place.

The final score: blanket box is where the sideboard was, table is back in the kitchen but the floor's clean, Queen Anne table is back behind the chair and the chair is still up on bricks which I intend to cover in the same fabric as the chair when I'm not moving the furniture.

Sideboard is in the carport but the drawers are on the lounge room floor because they're full of tapes which I should have put in the walkman last night and I would gone to sleep and not thought of moving furniture.

I'll sleep tonight. I'm already half unconscious.


Brian Hughes said...

I always find that when I can't sleep I slap the computer on, go and read Sedgwick's blog for several minutes, and I'm off to the Land of Nod no problem, waking up eight hours later, refreshed and ready for the day ahead with a keyboard pattern pressed into one side of my face.

Andrew said...

So you don't believe that there is a correct place for furniture and there it will stay in perpetuity or until replaced.

JahTeh said...

Hughes, you'll have to get a laptop for a more comfortable sleep.

Andrew, I was up this morning moving things again until it felt right. That's the problem everything is in it's right spot so moving is traumatic. I just thought it would be nice to sit at a table that wasn't in my cesspit of a kitchen.

Lord Sedgwick said...

When in doubt, stuff the feng shui on ya boot smoke, mirrors and water feature!

Go 'cesspit' ... it always has a comforting ring about it ... much like our bath.

(Not that Hughes would know anything about baths. Last time he came close to one was when he was flipping through ole Geoff Chaucer's "Book of Wives I have Known, Loved and Planted in Peter Sutcliffe's Backyard".

JahTeh said...

You shouldn't say those things about the Lord of Fleetwood. I google-earthed him this afternoon and he was definitely doing something in his bathroom.

Brian Hughes said...

I prefer to shower. It's better than submerging yourself in a bathtub full of your own grime. The only trouble is, hot water gets in my beer.

Middle Child said...

Nope not even going to consider moving my stuff about...too hard!

JahTeh said...

Geez Hughes, I thought that's how Poms drank their beer, warm and watered down.

MC, there's so much space in there, I can put on the old Latin Music and really go to town.