Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes, it's another frock post but this is the frock, the dress, the one I measure every other frock by. The photo isn't very clear but then I've had it since 1963 when I took my pocket money and bought the Womens' Weekly just to look at this in colour.

It won the 'Gown of the Year' in 1963. It was designed by Lorna White of Hartnell. It was made from 6 yards of French guipure re-embroidered beige lace over 14 yards of silk satin. The skirt flowed from an Empire line bodice.

I still lust after it. It is elegant and timeless or as they say now, Vintage and elegant. It started a love affair with lace and fashion that is still going strong. I can't say the same for the magazine page, it's a little chewed around the edges but we've been together through thick and thin, marriage and divorce. I have a book for favourite dresses and go through it every once in a while and throw out the ones that no longer take my fancy but this is always put away carefully.

Beige is a little too beige for my bargebum so my usual deep burgundy would have to be substituted. I wouldn't want to overwhelm it with jewellery so perhaps just garnet and diamond earrings with a matching ring.

And I've got about as much chance of having all that as I have of getting married again but if I do it's going to be in this dress.


Brian Hughes said...

"...this is the frock, the dress, the one I measure every other frock by."

Surely it'd be cheaper and more efficient to use a tape measure?

Middle Child said...

Frock....we used to all call them frocks...frocks were better quality than your daily dress...a frock was SPECIAL. I never had any till I was too old to look stunning in one...sob...will I ever recover...
Hold the dream who knows one day in the window of an Op shop you might see what others miss and there be the dress which the owners children have tossed aside like so much flotsam...
who can know?

JahTeh said...

You're just jealous Hughes 'cause you haven't got what it takes to fill it.

MC, my spare wardrobe is filled with "The Collection" and I can't go past an op-shop without a quick rifle through the clothes rack. Might I say one is never too old for a 'Frock' even if it's just for looking at.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Might I say one is never too old for a 'Frock' even if it's just for looking at."

My thoughts perzackly.

So many frocks, so little time. All frocked up and nowhere to go. (Well without being looked at askance - or thrown into the Torrens river.)
Fave is my duck egg blue ottoman number with the fly away (or should that be 'flies away' - did you ever get that'n resolved?) panel and enough gussets to triangulate an entire third world country.

Might drag (Boom! Boom!) it out for
'Fashions on the Field' on Oaks day.

JahTeh said...

Oh Bearded One, are you really going to Oaks Day? I'll be watching on the Teev so hold up a sign or wear the dress.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Nope, not off to the Oaks. (Been warned off the course after last year's unfortunate crime of fashion incident.)

However am off down the road to Moonee Valley this Saturday for the eponymous Cocks Plate. I'll doff me titfer at you from the Members' enclosure.

JahTeh said...

I will have betting sister gaze into her crystal ball and try for a winner for you although crystal ball was a little shattered after the Cup. She had Maldivian and Eskimo Princess running with four horses in the 2nd leg of the double and got zero.

Lord Sedgwick said...

See your Sis and raise her. I had Maldivian (scratched) Master O'Reilly and Princess Coup in a box quinella.

1st 'n' 3rd. (But did collect - sort of - a slight refund on account of Maldivian's non appearance.) Cold 'k'n' comfort.

It's rigged. (Horse pun - Google 'rig horse')