Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Back in February this year (don't ask for a link, search for it like I had to) I blogged about the Ayles ice island breaking away from the ice shelf in 2005. By January the ice island was frozen in the sea ice but limited sea ice because of a warming ocean has seen the berg move 100's of kilometres. Now it's broken in two much earlier than expected and travelled further. An ice island of this size would, in other years, have lasted 50 years or more but the Arctic sea-ice shrank to the smallest area on record. The US National Snow and Ice Data centre said the minimum extent of 4.13 million sq km was reached on 16 September. The previous record low was 5.32 million sq km measured in 2005. Satellite observations have only been around for about 30 years so four hundred years ago the ice could have been just as low so I won't have an argument with any climate warming de-bunkers that wander by.

This shows where the ice island calved off the Ayles Ice Shelf in August 2005. The calving event was the largest in at least the last 25 years. A total of 87.1 sq km of ice was lost in this event. A team landed on the ice slab in May 2007 and measured the thickness to an average of 42-45 metres, the equivalent of a 10-storey building.

Now I'm going to the other end of the globe to see what happened to the iceberg B_15A which crunched into the Drygalski Ice Tongue in the Ross Sea on the 18 April, 2006. It was such a good wallop the berg broke off the end of the ice tongue and I haven't checked on it since. So many satellite photos, so little time to look at them all.


Davoh said...

um, could always look on the bright side, I guess .. The people living on the Island of Greenland are now able to grow vegetables .. heh.

Brian Hughes said...

Also on the upside, if the icebergs aren't lasting as long then at least we won't have to suffer any more bloody awful films like the Titantic.

JahTeh said...

The Vikings thought they had found Paradise too but Mother Nature can turn but this time I think we might have gone too far.

I didn't mind that film, it bought back a lot of memories since I went down on the ship.

Brian Hughes said...

You have to be careful 'going down on ships'...that's how Ahab managed to catch Moby Dick.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I didn't mind that film, it bought back a lot of memories since I went down on the ship."

... and Hughes and me have the non photshopped 'night to remember' polaroids of you and your mammories going down on Kenneth More.

(Leave small denomination used notes in brown paper bags at any deserted Cheltenham bus stop and your secret will be safe with us ... and anyone who watches Oprah, 'A Current Affair', 'Judge Judy' or 'Today Tonight'.)

Brian Hughes said...

Just to add to Sedgers' trivial statement, although not in any real sense, bugger the Fylde & Wyre etc. The Pot Bellied Boar is back:


JahTeh said...

So the Pot Bellied Boar is back.

So who was the idiot who forgot to put a stake through that blog's heart?

I have my revenge Sedgwick, the horse whisperer backed the Oaks winner.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Jeez! Have gone through the whole non IE carnival without having backed a winner. (Have backed lots of nags who ran like potbellied boars wot should have ended up as weiners.)

However, tomorrow is another day. (Well, it ought to be, but the Rodent and the Smirk might have changed all that while we and the entire Reserve Bank Bawd weren't looking ... and they may or may not consequently apologise/say sorry, depending on the weasel/rodent clause of your ... NO! their choice.)

"Beulah, flense me another Joe Hockey."