Friday, December 12, 2008


The Karate Kid needs to re-think about that. I have pain from the soles of my feet to my kneecaps, that's real solid pain.

I woke up at 7, couldn't sleep so I hung out the washing and I couldn't see the forecast of rain and 20 degrees as it was warm then.
Wrangled the usual convoluted phone call at 8.30.
Then I was off and walking. To the chemist to pay bills, collect pills, discuss mother's medication with the pharmacist, to the bus stop for Southland and all over the shopping centre.

I officially love Dick Smith Electrics. The mouse was replaced with the more expensive model with the adapter for the same price. I'm downloading mouse software to make it move from side to side and tilt, like that's not going to play havoc with a hangover. The little beast zips enough already. I had cursors doing aerobatics until I got control.

Not so happy with Medicare. To get a rebate on a $29 pathology bill for mother, I have to front up with photo ID which means going there again with my passport. There are new rules for collecting even with Power of Attorney, they want to know what you look like. I don't know why the pathology lab didn't bulk bill the way they usually do.

Really happy with Harris Scarfe and no deposit layby which means I will never miss another bargain because I don't have the deposit. I couldn't help myself, the bargain was really a bargain and it just leapt into my waiting arms and clung there like a fluffy bunny until I plonked it on the layby counter. A real bargain since it scanned $10 lower than the bargain price and no, I didn't tell them there was a mistake. I only look stupid.

Not happy with Target who gave me a raincheck on a DVD which JB HiFi now have at $3 cheaper. That was at least 4 weeks ago and if they didn't have it, why advertise it. Going anywhere Target sends me insane. Pages and pages in their catalogue but try and find anything in store.

Big W had rubber thongs for $3 and I bought a pair because by this time I was scraping the skin off the balls of my feet.

Anyway the forecast came true, it's cold and raining now.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Not that I wish weather on anyone who isn't wanting it, but I am SO pleased about this rainy coolth. Especially if it's a portent of a damp and manageably temperate summer.

River said...

With all the walking you are doing I think you should invest in a properly fitted pair of supportive walking shoes with arch supports. I got some from Athlete's Foot and they've helped enormously with the heel, shin and knee pains I get. Whenever the heels wear down on the outside causing my feet to step wrongly, the pains return, then I go and get a new pair. One pair usually lasts me a whole year so while they seem expensive initially the broken down weekly cost is rather small. They will take note of your walking style, measure and fit you and if necessary you can layby the shoes like I did with my first pair, since then I've saved the small amount needed on a weekly basis ready for the next pair. Thongs may be cheap and cool, but useless for extended walking, especially if there is pain involved.

JahTeh said...

Baron, I'm with you but temperate summer is not on the cards. At least in Melbourne you know the weather will change four times a day.

River, I can't wear anything too heavy, I fall over. I am looking at the Homeyped sales after Christmas for a solid pair of sandals that are light and let my feet breathe.

Shelley said...

You shouldn't have to mess about with Medicare and pathology companies - the doctor probably forgot to tick Medicare or the data entry fuckwit missed it. Bitch to the surgery or the path lab - so much easier. Doctors, by the way, love to complain about pathology companies so you'll be making the sick pervert happy :)

Jayne said...

You were up at 7?!
I didn't know there was another 7 after the one at night... :P

JahTeh said...

I thought it was strange, Nails but I've already paid the bill and I need to check the passport anyway to see if it's still current. I like checking the photo because I actually look better and younger these days.

Jayne, not only up but out hanging the washing which I'd forgotten the day before and by the time I was home, the rain had started and it's still going strong. This morning I woke up at four and couldn't get back to sleep and listening to pouring rain didn't help the bladder much.

River said...

My shoes are sneaker style, I take out the insole which has arch support and insert a different insole, bought at the same store, which has slightly higher arch support, for my dropped arches. They don't weigh any more than regular sneakers. Homyped are also great, but look into the replacement insoles?

JahTeh said...

River, Homeyped have arch supports you can buy separate. I don't know how you wear sheakers? I've got a pair but I mustn't lift my knees enough because I'm always tripping on something or moving on and leaving my feet behind.