Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The doctor's letter said something abnormal showed up in the blood tests but not to worry, it's nothing major, don't hurry down, anytime in the next two weeks.
I had the blood tests on the 15th and the letter was sent on the 16th and I wasn't supposed to ring for the results until today.
What, me worry?
Doctor's appointment on Thursday morning.
Mother hysterical.
I might die before her and escape.


Lord Sedgwick said...

Yeah right, like any of us are likely to outlive you.

You'd always want to have the last word and hearty belly laugh.

Lord Sedgwick said...
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Anonymous said...

Happily or sadly Jahteh, I have your aura in my head and you are going to live to be quite old. Suffer your punishment with good grace.

River said...

Why do doctors do this? Tell you there's something abnormal, then tell you not to worry. then they go on with their lives while we go crazy worrying.

Lord Sedgwick said...

(Soiree folks, another attack of the Bombay Sapphire Declanisms.)

What one mint so say woz...

Mind you, not that this is in anyway related to Moi being in denial mode given my mere pup of a GP having me locked in for a full raft of blood tests next time I darken his doorway requesting the usual repeat prescriptions.

Dammit, one can't get a good young subservient GP these days!

Link said...

My doctor rang me out of the blue. How are you feeling? Says he. Fine. Says I. Shouldn't I be? At that stage the pills had kicked in fully and according to the blood test results I shoudl've been comatose or something. My mechanic often gives me similar reports about my car, and comments that theoretically it shouldn't be running at all. I thank my angels and you should too, JahTeh, its probably just worms.

Andrew--JahTeh's aura in your head. Hope that doesn't hurt.

BTW, Have you noticed how the W.Vs have stopped the running consonants? I have and I'm very grateful.

Shelley said...

The doctor sent you a letter? I didn't think they knew how to do that.

Jayne said...

I'm flabbergasted your GP sent a letter so quickly after the tests were done...whatever happened to the obligatory 3 month wait to hear your left foot had dropped off from leprosy? :P

JahTeh said...

MiLord, if there is a heaven please let it be equipped with hi-speed broadband and internet cafe clouds, that way we'll all be having the last word.

Andrew, you forget, I am quite old in body but not in mind and I hope the hangover you have in the morning knocks your socks off.

River, it's doing Ma in more than me. I know one thing it isn't, blood pressure because he forgot to take it.

MiLord, one has to get them young and train them. This poor soul got me, his first day on the job 25 years ago. The lad still shakes a bit when I darken his door.

Thanks Caroline, just post down some of Luke's potion and we'll get the worms out of the way. Whatever it is I'm telling my mother it's twice as bad and I have to go overseas for my health.
As for Andrew, he's been swilling wine which is why he's seeing auras.

Nails, I thought it was the bill and muttered a few words about being quick off the mark. Still it was better than a phone call to come in and don't spare the horses (sorry Caroline).

Shelley said...

Meh, come in and don't spare the horses is better than the police knocking on the door and saying 'we have an ambulance waiting for you...the pathology company said...' Mind you, if that happens and you live then you immediately change doctors to one who can be contacted when his/her patient is 3 seconds from not so much kicking the bucket as collapsing into it.

WV - bitionis - maybe you have a dose of this?

JahTeh said...

Nails, love that word verification.
I have to have the blood tests done again, I'd gone past the 'fasting' window.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Phew! Glad to hear that's what it is... I was getting worried when you didn't update on Thursday.

Middle Child said...

Here is hoping its just a softie and that you are a ok...next time I come to Melbourne I will make contact...like a spaceship . My ali lives in South melbourne and once I get my veins done (2 more times) she waits on me. hahahaha

But not for too long...I will be down there again after 22nd Feb and again in April (to see Dylan moran and have my bastard sore veins fixed up for another 10 years...I will let you know and I know Alison will drive me where I need to go...sory I didn't think last time...I was so dreading all the needles etc I didn't even thinnk to cancel or hold my mail...out of mind through fear

Shelley said...

Ah. How irritating.