Thursday, February 05, 2009


Just putting this up quickly before Telstra decides to disconnect my internet again.
It's the phone line that they insist isn't at fault.
It is the phone line.
It's swinging in the wind again.
Pack of misbegotten curs.


River said...

Maybe you need to switch internet suppliers? I'm with Optus and they never use that excuse. I rarely get disconnected, only at peak times, christmas, easter etc, I find it hard to connect at all because they are so overwhelmed with connections,so I try again a few hours later at those times. My home line is with telstra, but that doesn't mean I have to use them for my internet connection.

Jayne said...

Keep a log/diary of the disconnections and times, then tell the pricks to re-check their system and to get off their lard arses to fix your connection.

WV = deadv.
Telstra's future in my vegie patch ;)

Jayne said...

Got a One Lovely Blog award for you over at my joint for you JahTeh ;)

R.H. said...


I've come home to mummy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Unwired and I was disconnecting and wavery and "trying to connect and crap all last night. This is very usual for me.

unwired aren't much beter.

I think it's servers, in general.

"serve" ..... hahahahahahahah

One time I was with Telstra and we were to be billed monthly. We had some wireless connection but it was down so we were able to get on to the internet about 5mins at a time every alternate morning at around 2am which really helps.

So what happened was, we started using our old dialup system which we had not disconnected when we had switched to wireless, we just hadn't used for a while cos it's so slow and it intrerfered with our phone. We'd been keeping it as a back up.

When we got our phone bill it was GINORMOUS.


They charged us for the month for the wireless service even though we had got NO SERVICE pretty much for the month.


As for the dialup service, instead of charging us for the monthly flat fee we were used to paying they switched us (without asking us or informing us first) to a metered service where they charged us by the minute of connection. We didn't know this so we'd been leaving the dialup connection on for hours sometimes and been charged heaps.

They said they'd switched us to that because we hadn't used it for ages and they kinda did it automatically because ti was a better system for non-frequent users.

Yeah, what about asking us if that's what we wanted or at least telling us that's what we were being charged first?

We yelled at them for ages and had a month long battle before they gave us hundreds of dollars back.

R.H. said...

I got a bill from Optus this week for $0.55. The fools. But that's what happens when finance is your life, you eat, sleep, and shit it. These robots were born like that, they look human but too washed: corpses laid out for burial. When finance is your life you dress immaculate, shower ten times a day, never stop cleaning your fingernails. I had Telstra dialup, then the line went dead and I rang up from a phone box near here, I could tell from the girl's voice she'd like a joke and so I turned on the wit, becoming a never-care old sophisticate, surprising even myself. But that's my failing, my predicament: inviting laughs about it. I've even make jokes on my way into court.

Anonymous said...

They want you to spend 55c to mail them a cheque to reimburse them for the 55c postage stamp they spent sending you the bill for the 55c.

YOu're right, the fools.

R.H. said...

You're a sweetiepie and a clever girl.

JahTeh said...

River, optusnet dial-up on a Telstra line and Telstra are now charging me extra for that call.

Jayne, definitely the wind blowing the line around because I've two inside phones and two connection points so if it was that, only one phone would go snap, crackle and pop.

Have you now, rh (lowercase) well behave or Mummy will haul out the lump of 4by2 that many bloggers think you deserve.

Maria, that pay by the minute thing is what happens in England or used to. This 'calls to non-Telstra number' is a new money raiser. I haven't got the brain power at the moment to wade through the pre-paid broadband offers, every one is different.
The one thing I won't do is buy any offer over the phone.

Rh, no country should sell its transport or communication systems, full stop.

You probably will joke on your way to your funeral.

River said...

I'm watching the bushfires on TV. I'm scared for you and all my other internet friends over in Vic and NSW. As soon as you can, please let us know if you're okay?

R.H. said...

Excuse me, I have timing.

I'll save the jokes for on the way back.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm in the Melbourne suburbs and the latest fire that's close is Healesville but closer was the NarreWarren one. It's just confirmed my intention never to have another pet in this house.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm in the Melbourne suburbs and the latest fire that's close is Healesville but closer was the NarreWarren one. It's just confirmed my intention never to have another pet in this house.