Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And only two days after I complained about the phone line. As per Murphy's Law, every time I picked up the phone to call in a fault, the line was perfectly clear except on Sunday when it sounded like aliens were using it to skip rope. The accented call centre chap ended up shouting down the instructions but he was defeated in the end and said so. He also said if it was inside the house, it would cost $125 call out fee and whatever the repairs were. That came across loud and clear. At least it hadn't increased from the last time.

It wasn't my line, inside or out. It was a line connection 145 metres around the corner and down the street. I have my suspicions about the Optusnet work that was done at the beginning of December. So hopefully now I won't be disconnected from the interwebs every time the wind blows.


Jayne said...

You can surf to your hearts content!

You have blog bling to pick up at my blog ;)

R.H. said...

Check Miz Panz. A very good posting.

Well done Miz Panz. You're sounding like me.

God always gets a mention at the Oscars.
Maybe he'll receive one himself?

River said...

Glad it wasn't your line. Hopefully everything is properly fixed now.
How's your back and knee after that slip in Woolworths?

JahTeh said...

I spoke too soon. Phone is on the fritz again and I've just got to the blog by a round-a-bout edit page because the blog won't load.

JahTeh said...

Blogger hates me. I had to find a blog that would load, had me linked which didn't work then go to make a post, go to edit posts and view blog and finally arrive.
I bet the phone goes off any second.

Jayne, would love bling but I'm still trying to find a way to html my hamster in the side bar.

Rh, checked out Pants and I didn't watch the Oscars at all. I wait for the dresses to come out in the trash magazines.

River, they're getting another call tomorrow.
Back and knee very bad for the last four days. I'm now off the pain killers but still on icepacks and TENS unit. It frightened the crap out of me this time as I've never had pain down the right side but the spine has straightened and clicked back in.
This is almost a blog post but I never know when I'll get back in.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...


(And phone companies = grrr. The most unscrupulous profiteers of the decade, they are. I just wish their gruesomely enormous profits were going into a publicly-owned utility, rather than the coffers of share holders.)

phil said...

If they call from India, promise to pay them in rupees.

R.H. said...

And the winner is....God!
Best screenplay, Costume design.

(Direction not so good)

JahTeh said...

Baron, Biomimetic robotics actually and post is coming, coming.

I was going to ring and complain today but the line is as clear as a bell. It's all a ploy to force me onto broadband which I can't afford.

Phil, I couldn't be sure it was India or Peter Sellers being channelled by the call centre.

Rh, If it's God, it has to be best cinematography.

R.H. said...

Are you kidding? You should see places I've lived!