Wednesday, April 22, 2009


She spoke of Egypt, and a white
Temple, against night
She smiled with clicking teeth
and said
That the dead were never dead;
Said old emperors hung like bats..........
But empresses come back as cats!
William Rose Benet


Ann ODyne said...

oh that is just gorgeous! poem and picture.
Today I am pushing for Animal welfare and need everybody to visit this site which will post you a divine Mothers Day Gift for your Beloved Mother, and the purchase funds the fight against animal cruelty in Australia ( a LOT of which there is - just Guugle "bobby calves" if you think the milk industry is not cruel).

My WV below is Anthedra, which sounds like a Cat Goddess.

Brian Hughes said...

"Said old emperors hung like bats..."

Unlike me who's hung like a racehorse.

River said...

"empresses come back as cats.." I can believe that. some of the cats I've known certainly behave like royalty, with their minions 9owners) pandering to every whim.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Unlike me who's hung like a racehorse.So that's why you're always complaining about suffering from Shergar's back.The knackery beckons.

BwcaBrownie said...


criminally hysterical.

phil said...

Distressingly if purely inadvertently, you bring back memories of our two little Abbies that we lost. They are truly a divine breed.

Jayne said...

The felines here have enough pampering without being pandered to like an overly fertile Panda in a cage bursting with bamboo.

R.H. said...

They sit so nice, so neat, on a footpath at night. That's when they do their thinking.

And who knows what in hell that is.

Cat psychiatrist. Monash.

JahTeh said...

MOTHERS DAY, wash out your mouth, Annie. Are they sending out animal traps? Baits? Rabid Wombats?

Aha! Now we know why Fleetwood doesn't do the digging. It's so his ancient artifacts don't get mixed up with the good stuff.

River, I agree although I always seemed to end up with the dumbclucks instead of the royalty.

Fleetwood's dug up so much of PomLand, I'm surprised he hasn't found the nag.

Bwca, don't encourage him, he just gets worse.

Phil, I love the look of them and they could be empresses. Fancy losing two of them, distressing.

Jayne, there is a no cat rule in this place. I am pampering myself.

Robbert, they are thinking that they rule the world through us.

Middle Child said...

That is beautiful and it my cat now and all the cats i have ever had...I could write these words.... ahhh