Wednesday, September 09, 2009


It should be my motto but isn't, that belongs to my sister.
So I'm sitting in the middle of 25 years of craft makings and lace and satin and it's taking all my willpower to not put something on the 'to keep' pile.

There is a little craft group who will take everything, no matter how small. I don't know if they really meant that but they're getting everything except the stuff I really must keep for poverty reasons. I'd never be able to afford this or that lace in today's money.

I found receipts for 1985 when we were offered a deal to take a huge amount of discontinued lace worth $6,000 and yes, we did pay just under $3,000. It was a lot of money in '85 but I'm still wearing some of the lace collars on my dresses. When the dress wears out, I put the collar on its replacement.
I'm surprised Mum and I both didn't faint when we got home realised what we paid but when that box arrived we couldn't have cared less. Now it's come back to me.

I've spent two days just looking in boxes even though I'd been through them twice in the last 3 years but always anticipating that Mum might take up a bit of craft again but now it's the final act. I don't think she ever threw a scrap away and just as well I had a clean out a few years back so I can appear righteous.

It's surprising how rough on the hands lace can be until one picks up a glorious piece of Swiss guipure just after putting down a cheap knock-off Chinese copy. Nothing beats the rich colours, run through with gold, of Thai lace either. Now it's all computerised and made in India or China.

I have emptied 7 plastic boxes so far but there are 11 bags sitting in my sewing room.

I have a headache and handache but I've found half a block of roast almond chocolate in the cupboard, so bugger off Hoarders Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

I rarely get headaches, but sometimes hand aches.

Brian Hughes said...

"I have a headache and handache..."

Funny, but that's just what Michelle said the other night.


Sefart, Sefart run, Runfart run.

JahTeh said...

HawtAndrew, old age slowing you down?

Fleets, you're back and in fine form.
I see there was a hoard find in Shropshire and on his first run with a metal detector. Now you'll have to lift your game or was Lancashire the poor parish of the Roman Empire?

Middle Child said...

I forgot what i was going to write after laughing myself stupid over Jahteh's response to Andrew!!

Kath Lockett said...

Headaches and handaches are always helped along by chocolate.... :)

River said...

I would love to go poking through those boxes with you. Laces and ribbons etc are some of the things I love to look at and feel. Unfortunately I'm not at all crafty so that's as far as it goes with me. Can you post photos of some of the special laces? Please?

JahTeh said...

River, I would love to but I don't own a digital camera and you know how bad a photographer I am with the film camera.

Kath, I think the roast almond choc was a bit stale but I've refilled the hoard with Coles mint chip choc which happened to be on special.

Therese, nice to hear you laugh.

Lord Sedgwick said...

#1 daughter Blaze assures me that the Belgian choc at Coles is good stuff, and good value when on special.

(However given Word Verification is 'fable', feel free to ignore that hint.)

Anyhow, I'm a Terry's Clockwork Orange man.

Well, a man in sheep's clothing.
(Which explains why I'm constantly being stalked by Shirl's NZ mates.)

JahTeh said...

Belgian from Coles it is, M'Lord and the restraint I'm showing in not snarfing it until Sunday is terrible hard on the nerves.
As for the choc Orange, expensive tastes you have but it's not big enough for a stress reliever.