Monday, September 21, 2009


That when the stress slows down (it hasn't, believe me, it hasn't) carers can often become ill.

I sat down yesterday and wrote a note to myself.

First, see the dentist and have teeth cleaned and checked.

Second, see the doctor about those odd bouts of elevated blood pressure, the palpitations, the shakes, hyperventilating etc.

Thirdly, see the physio to finish fixing all the bone and muscle stuff from three years ago.

Then half my back molar fell off and rolled around my gob so I tore up the list in case I mozzed myself in other ways.

Good news is, the dentist is going to pour concrete over what's left in the manner of Chernobyl which should give me another few years of use.

Bad news is, it will cost $200 and my current financial status - $5.31 in the bank, $2.58 on Visa.

I think I'll try a post-dated cheque and begging for mercy.


Jayne said...

Can you get a referral from your gp for one of those voucher thingies Rudd made such a song and dance over?

R.H. said...

I'm putting on a benefit for you, a fund raiser.

It will be spectacular.

R.H. said...

It will be a terror, a shocker, a bad dream -for a conservative little country full of liars.

R.H. said...

It will be the truth.

-Not false testimony given by criminal psychiatrists to the Supreme Court of Victoria, tricking judges into agreeing with the most outrageous denial of human rights ever in any country.


It will be true, that's all. Nothing is more spectacular.

R.H. said...

What a show. Can you stand it. Preparations go on. Miss Pavlov dusted off her tu tu, then put it in the dry cleaners. She went back, presented the docket, "It's ready", they said, and brought out a St Bernard dog -which she accepted.

River said...

Be upfront with the dentist, tell him you have no money this week (or ever) and can you make time payments on the bill? Do you have any health insurance that will cover part of it? I always pay off my dental work, there's just no way I could afford it otherwise. I've stuck with the same dentist for a while now and I always pay off one treatment before going back for more work.
@Jayne::what are these voucher thingys you speak of?

R.H. said...

Go to Doutta Galla Community Health, Gower Street Kensington, 93721558, pay $25 and get it pulled straight away. My pal got new choppers there, it took four visits and $90. Cheap.

debra said...

if you have a chronic illness you should be eligible for an "enhanced primary care plan". ask your gp (first tell receptionist what the appt is for or they will freak at the time you will take up to have forms filled out). the dental coverage is really good. it is covered under medicare so you could perhaps check medicares site for info.

debra said...

not medicare site sorry but some info here:

hope it helps. :)

Ozfemme said...


Get Bwca to text me your name and I'll send the cheque c/o the post office of your choice. (Then I'll track you down and .. really annoy you. No, I won't. Promise.) Unless of course you have ID identifying yourself as Copperwitch these days? Then you can text me the post office.

I promise not to send Noise... unless of course you want me to?

Ozfemme said...

I'll throw Pencils in for free!

Middle Child said...
Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott announced today that eligible patients receiving dental treatment under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Scheme would now receive up to $4250 worth of Medicare funded care over two consecutive years. This news was welcomed by ADA President Dr John Matthews, who said "the ADA had understood that the Enhanced Primary Care program would provide eligible patients with a rebate of $2000 per annum. The announcement of the rebate being $4000 over two years will enable a more comprehensive delivery of dental treatment to help those patients more effectively deal with the complications of chronic illness." ...
Nikola Roxon has tried to smother this scheme by advising many dentists that this scheme does not exist but it does...if you have a condition such as diabetes, epilipsey, heart, had chemo, whatever you can come up with there is a chance you could access this. They will try to tell you it doesn't exist but it is on the books and hasn't been knocked out (yet)worth a look I think a GP has to fill in a form

R.H. said...

Nicola Roxon is mutton dressed up as lamb: mutton in time for the next election. Her boss Brumbles is a capitalist stooge owned by distilleries.
Roxon shops in Milan. Brumbles sits on a three-legged stool studying his bank account all night.


R.H. said...

They don't know us, these people. And wouldn't care.

R.H. said...

Hello darlings. Not much happening here, so have some gossip. I am invited to a wedding next month. Desiring to present myself in a boater I did the obvious thing and rang Henry Bucks. A bloke sounding like James Mason answered and directed me to City Hatters, a quaint little shop beside Flinders Street station, which I've looked at and pondered about 10,000 times in my life. It seems Henry owns the joint (a surprise to me, or maybe not), but it's down a little flight of steps under the footpath. So down I went, reminded of disreputable days in dirty old Dalgetty Street (say no more), in I go and a sweet little thing (a shelia not a bloke) pounces on me straight away. And oh my golly but she was sweet! She measured my head, finding it larger than average. I was a bit embarrassed hearing this, until her smile assured me it was a good thing. She seemed delighted in fact. There were two types of boater: a hard-wearing school sort with black band ($99.50), and a more fragile one with coloured band ($75.00). I said I'd try the $75.00 version -but only because I liked the coloured band (and dear little thing she pretended to believe me). She stood beside me at the mirror as I tried a few on, my hand hovering to pat her on the bum, I wanted to pat her on the bum, I came close. After four tries I got one that fitted. She wanted to wrap it but I left it on and paid for it. Then off I went, up the steps and around to Flinders Street station: Proud, Haughty, Magnificent, I always knew someday I'd own this town.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I echo River's comment? I do pay Medibank Private extras and that took $56 off.

River, no problem with my dentist, I have until the 8th Oct to pay the balance. Budget is so tight for the next four weeks Posh could wear it as a dress.

Angel Wings, one filling is not considered a chronic illness even if grinding one's teeth through 30 years of marriage caused it.

Bella, I couldn't possibly accept money from someone who needs it for psycho-therapy to get over the invasion of the scaly hands of death. As for sending your kids, geez what did I ever do to deserve that?

Therese, that's terrific, now if only I understood past Federal Minister. Anyway it's six monthly check-ups from now on, I'm looking after me.

Robbert, I don't believe that little shop is still there. Every year at Cup time, the race callers from radio stations would trek down there to buy a new 'titfer'.
And my heart swoons at the thought of you in a $75 boater, you'll put the bride in the shade and she'll hate you.

R.H. said...

That little shop will be hitting its centenary next year.

Well I've been hoping (discreetly at times, blatantly at others) for a breakup. But no luck. So I will attend the wedding: see it out, view the final act, of this tragedy.