Wednesday, November 18, 2009


11. If your partner could take you to any restaurant, where would you go?

Anywhere with comfortable seating, preferably banquettes. Anywhere they discreetly roll out the pastry wagon (not trolley, I know what I mean). No place where I can see slabs of meat being slapped on hot coals or somewhere that has a tank of fish for the choosing. So I'd have to say, a pastry shop with good coffee and banquette seating and a set of scales in the doorway that only weighs going in.

12. Soup or salad?

I only enjoy Heinz tomato soup when I'm crook so it's salad all the way. Potato salad with fresh mint, Greek salad with kalamata olives and creamy feta cheese, Coleslaw with pineapple, Rice salad with sultanas and grated carrot and toasted almonds. I have to stop I'm chewing on my arm.

13. Buffet, take-out or sit down?

Not the Buffet. A fat person going to the Buffet table is watched by every anorexic tart in the place. I'm not kidding, you can feel the hunger vibes with every spoonful.

Take-out is great but not if you don't have a car. The take-out ends up breeding salmonella by the bucket load if you have to walk it home.

Sit down take-out Buffet with a butler handing me the silver service, draping the Egyptian 500 thread cotton serviette round my neck and programming the DVD for a Harry Potter marathon is my idea of a good night.

14. What's the most impressive meal you've ever made?

A full Indian, Sri Lankan Thai banquet which was ruined by a political discussion turning violent with most of the guests of a differing political persuasion attacking the host.

And that was before they got stuck into the booze. Most of the neighbours have now upwardly mobiled themselves far far away but I bet they're still as boorish and rude as they were that night.

15. Do you consider yourself a good cook?

I used to be but now I consider myself an excellent reader of cook books and cake blogs. Any morning I can boil the eggs to perfection and get them out of the pot without dropping them in the sink is a good morning.

16. Do you know what vichyssoise is?

It's French. Something to do with potatoes, leeks and chicken stock and you can serve it cold.

There's something horribly wrong with cold soup.

17. Who's your favourite TV cook?

It has to be two, Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer. I love what they do with the most incredible ingredients and they tell you about them, where they're grown and who grows them. I just close my eyes when they go to choose some clucker, moo or bah for the chop. It's all very well to tell me that they've lived a happy free range life and death was peaceful but slapping a slab of meat on the counter when I'm still out there free ranging isn't my bag.

18. Can you name 3 famous cooking personalities?

Stephanie Alexander, bless her for the school vegetable garden scheme.

Margaret Fulton, who started my passion for food when I saw her full colour cook books.

Nigella Lawson because she licks the spoon when baking a cake. She was a great favourite but the sexy cooking act is a bit too staged these days and I find her boring.

19. Home made or home made from a box.

If we're talking weetbix, it's home made from a box. Anything else from a box is useless because the instructions always say, add meat or add something else and if you can't make the dinner out of the box itself, what's the point. Home made from a bottle is something else, vegetables and bottle pasta sauce is my staple diet. ( don't mention the apple cakes)

20. I'm supposed to tag 3 more foodies but in my circle of blog friends I might be better off trying to tag 3 more boozers.


Anonymous said...

12 R makes all of these to perfection. I am not keen on rice salad though.

17. Weren't they magic. I would jump up after the show and head straight to the kitchen, and then realise what a messy cook R is and begin to clean up.

18. NL has become too staged.

20. I take a fence at that.

Jayne said...

Even Feral Beast enjoyed watching Simon and Maggie, wanting me to try out their recipes.

Brian Hughes said...

11. If your partner could take you to any restaurant, where would you go?

I wouldn't because you can't smoke in any of 'em any more.

JahTeh said...

Filthy beast Fleetwood, smoking all over the chip and bacon butties and probably flicking the butts in the booze. Considering the gale force winds in PomLand, the smoke would come in one door and out the other.

Jayne, they really bounced off each other and I just enjoyed every moment especially when they hopped in for a taste. I still go to the website for old times sake.

Andrew, the last Nigella series was some cooking and her in a taxi or walking a lot. I don't think I've ever quite recovered from her eating that pig's ear.

River said...

A pastry shop with good coffee? Is there such a place? Maybe we should open one. I'd make the pastries, Kath's LC could make the coffees and you could man the till. And taste test.

River said...

And why not the buffet? Who cares about the anorexics watching every spoonful going on your plate? It's not your problem if they can't eat and let's face it, that means more yums for the rest of us....

Middle Child said...

I'm with you on the fish and lobsters being there in front of you so you can choose which one to kill and eat...My dad was a slaughterman so I do know what happens...but it feels like something out of the movie alien to choose your tucker live