Wednesday, November 04, 2009


6. What food can you so not eat?

Foie Gras. Tripe. Anything I've been introduced to. Anything I'd have to kill myself. Pig's ears, not even Nigella can make eating them sexy. Duck's feet, actually anything feet. Not even swimsuit boy in his yumminess could make me chomp on his feet.

7. You need a drink, you grab a...........

Cute waiter, well I'm thirsty and I need attention. mumble, mumble back to the meme. If it's summer then soda water with lemon and a million ice cubes. If the sun is over the yardarm then add Bombay. If it's winter, coffee with cocoa in the morning and Earl Grey tea in the afternoon. (I'se so terribly refined)
I also love fruit smoothies at any time but the kilojules would bust a diet in the manner of Humpty Dumpty, never to be put back together.

8. What's the most decadent dish you've every had?

Ooh, there was that time we used that sweet thing as a serving platter for Petit Fours using his navel for a sugar basin for the tea. What? I see, cooked dish. Damn, I don't think I've ever had a decadent dish. Does eating fish and chips out of clean white paper instead of newsprint count?

I did eat one of those enormous ice-cream sundaes with 5 flavours, chopped nuts, raspberry, chocolate and passionfruit syrup. It was when the City Square went all underground with lounge chairs, for which the homeless were eternally grateful, and they had an American type ice-cream parlor. The sundae came in an 8 inch tall champagne type plastic container.

9. What's your favourite type of food?

Nothing that's moving. Nothing I have to eat with chopsticks. Nothing I have to share with anybody. Something I can eat with fingers in front of the teev or with one fork and one dish. Nothing on bamboo skewers, everything falls off after the first bite.

10. Favourite dish.

Do you have an hour to read this? I've already done bread, pavlova, chocolate, ice-cream.
I do love pasta with a yum sauce especially papardelle pasta. I never eat pasta outside, in public or on a first date. It is an anti-social dish best eaten with a tea towell and painting drop sheet. I have never yet eaten a whole dish without dropping half down the cleavage. It also has to have three cheeses (kilojules again) parmesan, romano and cheddar. Don't forget the garlic and herb bread for mopping up.

You see why I'm doing this in parts? The hunger, I'm like a vampire on speed when reading food blogs especially the cake blogs. It's a blessing I've become too lazy to cook, looking at the pictures is enough. And, weighing oneself in the bathroom instead of the bedroom drops the scales out of the redwarningdanger by 2kgs. W00T!


River said...

You can't eat pasta without losing half down your cleavage? Use a spoon woman! Forget that fork twirling thing and scoop it up instead. Do you grate fresh parmesan on to it or do you use that awful pre-grated packaged stuff that smells like old socks? I buy a wedge and grate or shave it as I need it. Much yummier.
Tripe? Oh urk! I used to have to cook it in milk for my mum's second husband, that was bad enough, I couldn't stay at the table and watch him eat it too.....

iODyne said...

oh! more more more!

This is Culinary Pronography.
I remember that ice-cream place in the city square - went there a lot.

There's lotsa food that makes me puke: Swedes/turnips are erk, and I hate capsicum; that one you mentioned from force-fed geese for a start, tripe, black pudding, meat in general and the only duck I could consume is a Fluffy Duck.
Gin & tonic is another favourite drink, and Dom Perignon once you have tasted it you are ruined for all the other methodes Champagnois, so I wish I hadn't.
Bon appetit.

and comiserations to dear River.

JahTeh said...

River, please you're forgetting I'se refined besides that fancy fork twirling took me years to perfect. There's just a mile from bowl to mouth and it goes over two mountains.
Cooking tripe for anyone is devotion above and beyond the call of duty.

Stacks, I love swede mashed with spuds and pasties are not good without grated turnip and capsicum is okay as long as I fiddle about and skin the sods. It's the skin that gives me heartburn.
A 'Fluffy Duck', talk about memory lane but I prefer a Singapore Sling.

Brian Hughes said...

10. Favourite dish.

I've got one with a picture of Bunnykins on it, if that counts.

Jayne said...

Anything from Leo's Spaghetti Bar in St Kilda.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with River - spoons are for more than just scooping out icecream and Nutella you know - use it for your pasta too :)

River said...

P.S. Can we have the recipe for the tiny meatballs wrapped in bacon please? and the tomato sauce too......

Ozfemme said...

baked chicken breast (or, if you don't eat animals, potatoes) in a saucy sauce made from onion, sour cream, dijon mustard on a enormous bed of steamed rice.


throw. the. scales. away.

Ozfemme said...

an enormous bed.

wv = crismsh

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, I knew you were a softy sentimental boofy pom at heart.

Jayne, St Kilda? Long way to go for a feed.

Kath, a spoon spoons but a fork stabs and impales, even chocolates.

River, I think that recipe went for a burton after the divorce clean out but I'll look.

Jeebus Oz, there goes the 2kgs back on. I can recommend South Australia's Beerenberg mustards.