Monday, November 02, 2009


There are plenty, too many to pick the winner which I never do.
There was that enormous thunderstorm on Thursday night, a light show that went on for an hour and teeming rain.

I like a shower at night but I'm canny in a thunderstorm, I light a candle in the bathroom. It's very Hitchcock to be in the middle of a shower when the lights go out.
What I didn't need was a factory alarm to short and continue wah-wahing until 4.30 in the morning.

More thunder on Friday night, more rain and lightning. No sleeping so I turned the computer on and surfed until the wee small hours. Back to bed and drifting to sleep when 'the noise' went off under my bedroom window. Not a cat fight, not a possum fight but a lost duck. The duck family have taken up residence in the pool across the road but this one must have faulty GPS to land under my window and if it flew in, it could fly out. Just another noise in the catalogue of things to fright about.

Mother rang to say she'd paid for my Sunday lunch at the home. Now that's blackmail, who can resist a free meal. Luckily the apple cake bakery is open all day on a Sunday.

A lot of omens but I couldn't find a horse that suited any of them and as much as I would like to see Bart win another Cup, I really want the longest priced outsider horse to win. That's what makes the Cup great, the uncertainty.


Anonymous said...

Up late at night on chat lines. Naughty you. Did anyone believe you were 18?

Jayne said...

Alcopop....coz the lights went pop...or something.

Brian Hughes said...

You light a candle in the shower? Doesn't it just making a sort of 'phst' noise and then go out?

Kath Lockett said...

I had vibes about 'Alcopop' winning...

.....which shows that my Melbourne cup 'vibes' are as good as my tattslotto ones :(

Jerr Dunlap said...

Thanks for your entertaining and somehow simultaneously light and grounded blog - I'm loving it!
- Jerr

JahTeh said...

Rotten Cameraface, I was making a return comment to yours. I would never pass for 18, I could never lower my IQ to that level.

Jayne, nearly did it but Shocking was the best to pull a sprint at the winning post.

Fleetwood, I keep a candle in the vanity with a box of matches because the lights have gone out before and it's spooky staggering through the house nekkid and dripping trying to find the torch.
(I'm ignoring your sarcasm)

Kath, nothing resembling a brand of chocolate either. Nice time to give me a food meme, the scales were not kind this morning.

Welcome Jerr, a new inmate for the asylum but be careful, long exposure to this blog increases insanity not to mention exposure to my commenters.

Brian Hughes said...

"(I'm ignoring your sarcasm)"


I'm finding it difficult to ignore the image you've just create of wandering around the house naked and dripping.

River said...

I don't bet on the cup anymore. I had a winning streak back in late 60's early 70's, then a person I hated decided she was going to bet on the same horse that I'd chosen, so I changed my mind and went with a different choice She won, and I believe my choice is still limping home. Tried again the next year, but my 7 year winning streak was definitely over. Now I keep my money in my pocket.

iODyne said...

It WAS your lucky day, as to be online in an electrical storm is risking computer kaboom.
on telephone is dangerous too
When I saw the white racks in the sky I found matches and candle too though. We are both that sensible.
blogger That's So Pants backed Shocking and had a big old time on Cup Day, so she is now officially a Mexican.