Sunday, November 01, 2009


Halloween, my night of nights
A yearly bath in some noxious moat water
and a touch of Eau de Swamp
My best royal purple rig
It goes so precious with my complexion

A bit of a brew up with the ghorls
We make a mean proof gin
This year we didn't dissolve the cauldron
Forgot the olives

Flight home was a bit bumpy
But coming in on a broom and a prayer
A Halloween tradition

Bloody Igor! Two instructions only
Let the bats out
Leave the drawbridge down
If the ghoul had half a brain it
would be lonely
Wait, he has only half a brain
Sold the other half to
that looney doctor down the hill
for some science experiment

Well that's it for another year
Done me broom licence
Six months
Didn't think the brew was that strong
Bloody Igor
All Saints Day now
Damn ringing bells
Head aches


iODyne said...

those 3 cauldron stirrers look familiar to me - hubble bubble toil and trouble indeed.
Way to go Witchy!

Jayne said...

I shall raise a glass of water to you ;)

River said...

Lost the broom licence again? Ha Ha. Don't drink and fly.
Love the pictures, is there a website I can go to to see more of this type of thing?

JahTeh said...

CameraFace, Sedgwick and Hughes, in disguise. You can't keep those three away from a good brew.

Jayne, make that vintage swamp, I only have the best.

River, just use that world famous oogle engine for Halloween witches.

Brian Hughes said...

"CameraFace, Sedgwick and Hughes, in disguise."

Never! That's not a disguise. That's just me in casual wear.

Middle Child said...

Next year I'll send you a gallon or three of the swampy water in the creek behind me...will keep the green tinge up for a whole year...

JahTeh said...

Sorry Your Lordship, I should have recognised the mouldy countenance as the famous "Lancashire Green".

Thanks Therese, but you can keep the snakes for yourself although a spoonbill or two for the moat would be nice.

Ann ODyne said...

just been reading about copper hair over at Austin Carr's Crime Diary
(crime novels often have a sultry redhead in the plot, so he has a Redhead Of The Week series of posts)
and it made me wonder where you got yours?